Comments from our readers

Here is some of the feedback we have received recently from the East Surrey area.

Thank you to everyone who took time to write to us.

   Fantastic informative magazine – my first port of call for local events. Amanda, who picked up her copy from Dorking Halls (November 2016)

The magazine is the first place I turn to when looking to keep the kids active during the holidays… Thank you for such a great resource. Hayley, whose copy came from Little Doves, Westcott (November 2016)

As a new mum last year, I’ve found this magazine a valuable source of information and it’s great that you can see it online as well! Debbie, who got her copy from YMCA Sovereign Centre, Reigate (November 2016)

A wonderfully informative magazine with lots of upcoming events and fantastic competitions. Marie, whose copy came from Earlswood Junior School (November 2016)

It’s very helpful to have listing of all the local activities and clubs available and the list of days out and places to visit in the school holidays is especially beneficial to our family. Thanks Family Grapevine! Clare from Reigate

Love, love, love this magazine! Wish I’d known more about it with my first child. It gives invaluable information about what’s on in and around the area and gives me great inspiration for parties and activities. It’s fantastic too that it has so many contacts for various forms of support – I’ve not needed to use any of them but it’s great to know they are there if needed. Always the nicest coffee hour, leafing through this!! Thank you! Katherine from Reigate

Love the listings of what’s coming up locally (What’s On, Things to Do, Events) for ideas. The adverts for local clubs and activities are helpful when you’re looking for things. Maybe include recommendations or reviews from people who have used them? Vanessa from Redhill