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Xtend Bike Review

We are thrilled to be reviewing a free sample of the Xtend Bike range.  We received this for my four year old in exchange for a review.  First of all this is not a paid post but we have received an expensive product in exchange for our opinion.  Good or bad, we're passionate about being honest about anything we review and I'd be delighted to answer any questions about our experience if you wish to email me at [email protected]  We've had the product for a couple of weeks now to test it out.

Commercial advertising spiel to one side, the Xtend Bike range is designed to bring some longevity to the lifecycle of our children's first bikes.  In short, they grow (literally) with our children.  So here's our experience...

I have a four year old son (Oscar, who is a terror but a gorgeous one), and his balance bike has become too small for him.  The next step would have been a new bike.  The Xtend Bike is aimed at children between 3 years and 7 years old and I can see how this works (my good engineer neighbour was also impressed).  It begins by being a balance bike, you can then add pedals (when the time is right) and when your child starts to grow bigger, you can easily extend the bike frame to cater for them growing taller.  I think after seven years of age, when they become conscious of BMX's, Mountain bikes etc, then the time will be right to move on.  Between these years though I can see the Xtend bike range being a perfect solution.

The bike itself actually looks really stylish, both cool and practical and not at all 'babyish'.  They come in Pink/Black and Blue/Black and my son opted for the latter (I quite liked the pink one personally).  It arrived in a box with all the tools needed to put it together included.  My one gripe was that the instruction manual wasn't completely user friendly.  The bike comes boxed, not in too many parts and it's easy enough to put together with a bit of common sense and with just enough pride as an incompetent Dad (or Mum) needs to make them feel like an expert (lets not forget that for Dads, instruction manuals are merely guidelines and not to be relied on).  In short, it takes about 45 minutes to put it together and maybe another 30-40 minutes to put the pedals on.  Extending the frame, when the time comes, I would expect to take no longer then a minute.

My son loves it and was immediately comfortable using it as a balance bike.  He insisted he wanted the pedals on after a couple of days which suited me perfectly for the purposes of our review so this was accomplished in the aforementioned time.  He's not used to pedals but thanks to the balance bike concept he should hopefully pick this up well in due course.  My elder brother Chris patiently taught me to ride a bike back in the very early 1980s, the incentive being a box of Maltesers!  I got the Maltesers and have subsequently decided this tradition should continue so have tasked my 12 year old to teach Oscar how to use the pedals!

I really like the bike.  It looks great, it's solid, does what it's supposed to to do and does it well.  It's purpose is to grow with your children and I can genuinely see how it works for the 3-7 year old age group.  If it wasn't for us being fortunate enough to receive this sample we would have been looking at the next size up for Oscar.  If we'd have seen this a year or two ago and been confident enough to get it, I'd currently be feeling happy and a tiny bit smug.

To conclude, if you're looking for a smart, strong bike solution for your children between the ages of 3- 7 years old this is well worth your consideration.

For your information, please find the official promotional text below but do conduct your own research. SmarTrike also offers the Xtend RideOn, and the Xtend Scooter in addition to the Xtend Bike range.

The Only Scooter, Bike and Ride-on A Child Will Ever Need: Meet SmarTrike’s Xtend Line

  • The Xtend line is the first and only extendable range of bikes, scooters and ride-ons with patented technology
  • British parents spend over £15 billion on bikes over a childhood
  • The average family spends £1.3k on children’s bikes in their lifetime

February 2024: SmarTrike announces its Xtend line - the world’s first and only extendable range of bikes, scooters and ride-ons. Featuring patented technology the range goes against the grain with products that grow with children and are built to last. The durable range embodies smarTrike’s philosophy of supporting a child’s development while being the sustainable and economical option.

The Xtend Bike is a game-changer for parents, children and the planet. The sustainable bike allows children to use one convertible bike from ages three to seven and beyond with three products built into one. From a balance bike to a pedal bike and then onto a fully extendable bike which grows with them, the Xtend Bike is made from the highest quality durable materials and built to last.

Learning how to ride a bike has never been easier with the convertible balance-to-pedal bike. Toddlers can gain confidence on a balance bike and transfer their new-found skills when it’s converted into a pedal ride they are already confident and comfortable using without the need for training wheels. An easy pedal installation system takes seconds to transform the Xtend Bike from a balance bike to a pedal bike with three simple screws. Available in pink and blue, the Xtend Bike retails for £299.99.

The Xtend Ride-On grows with children from 12 months to 12 years. The one product covers five stages of development. It starts as a parent-controlled rideable, but by removing the handle kids can gain independence and build confidence. The built-in storage box allows parents to store the handlebar, as well as any other essentials.

Once the child has outgrown the ride-on, it transforms into a scooter by removing the seat. The Xtend Ride-on features smarTrike’s patented footboard, the only extendable footboard in the world. The extra large light-up LED wheels allow children to cover tough terrain. The quick folding design means trips out are a breeze. It’s available in four colours for £149.99 or is the equivalent of £13.64 for every year of use between the ages of 12 months to 12 years.

The Xtend Scooter is the world’s first and only extendable scooter. The one-of-a-kind 3-stage extendable footboard grows with children from the age of three to 12 and beyond. Equipped with extra-large 142mm light-up LED wheels, it can navigate even the toughest terrain. The Xtend Scooter allows parents and children to easily and conveniently fold the scooter with a press of a button. Available in yellow, orange, blue or pink the scooter retails at £129.99 or is the equivalent of £14.44 for every year of use between the ages of 3 to 12.

The award-winning range has 5-star reviews with all products including a 2-year warranty. It’s been hailed as a game-changer for sustainability and parent’s wallets. The range can be purchased  here as well as Fruugo, The Range, OnBuy, Decathlon, Toytastic, Debenhams, Amazon & eBay.
British Parents Are Spending Over £15 Billion on Children’s Bikes
On average a child requires a new bike every 18 months for £185. This means the average family is spending £1,350.50 on children’s bikes over their childhood. In the UK, there are 12.7 million children and 88% of them own or have access to a bike. This suggests that British parents could be spending over £15 billion on bikes for their children throughout their childhood.

Children’s bikes aren’t just impacting families’ budgets, but also the planet. 12.5 million unused children’s bikes are estimated to be in garages, sheds and cupboards. Millions more children’s bikes are sent to landfill every year. Kids outgrow their bikes at an extremely fast rate meaning millions of bikes are contributing to our planet’s waste problem. Bikes aren’t the only culprits. Millions of scooters and ride-ons which children grow out of within a matter of months or years are affecting parent’s purses and the planet.


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