Comments from our readers

Our Winter edition is out now…

“We love and always use the magazine to organise birthday parties and also find lessons such a swimming or dance lessons…”
M Vincent
“It’s my go to for what’s on locally, especially on rainy days when plans have to change or when we don’t have a car and need to find something to do quickly and locally”
B Walker
“I love that it comes home in my child’s bookbag, very convenient!” 
S Richards
“Very good magazine with lots of activities listed to take our 4 year old too and also baby groups for our new baby”
N Cox
“I like the list of all activities and things to do going on in the local area”
C Darvill
“I really enjoy both online and in the magazines that come home from school. it is really helpful to see things going on for my children in the holidays.”
S Barrow
“I liked the latest edition Nov – Feb. format, that had discount offers for services early on in the magazine & then you can read on & find out if that service may be something that would be suitable for you & your family.”
S Stone
“Excellent I really love it and for 13 years have used it as a what’s on guide where to find clubs and do the competitions”
L Skeggs
“Brilliant publication that inspires ideas for days out for my children… encouraging us to be out and about, and active” 
L Hurst
“I love how so much information is in one place. It covers so many activities to keep the kids active in the local community”
L Mead
“Love the magazine and plan my calendar around it!”
R Geer


Our Summer edition had some great feedback too…

“I look forward to receiving the magazine in my child’s bookbag. I love the offers/vouchers, very helpful when trying to budget”
S Richards

“I always pick one up to help give me inspiration over the summer holidays and let me know what’s on”
M Goodey

“I love the way everything is laid out. It’s good to see up to date information on summer events that are available”
E Yoannou

“Just really handy lil mag as it’s so hard to think what to do with your child every day – really helpful especially for a first time mum – thank you
R Goodchild

“It’s packed with ideas for things to do with my 4 and 9 year old grandchildren – fun, educational, sporty, everything!  Love it. Full of vital information for any parent or grandparent in the area. A valuable resource”
S Stevens

“It’s a great guide to see what’s happening in the holidays and ideas for days out with the kids”
L Tingley

“Always enjoy the Family Grapevine magazine. Keeps me posted of all the latest clubs and opportunities for children and families alike in the surrounding areas. It is informative and easy reading and even the children like to have a look and suggest days out!”
E Bray

“I like that it gives you lots of idea’s of things to do. Really good magazine, great to give you ideas for things to do”
S Lux

“It makes planning the school holidays a lot easier!” 
E Wise

“Love Family grapevine. Helps organise our family days out” 
Z Magni

“Great information about clubs and sports and we enjoy the discount vouchers. 
Love the competitions! There seems to be lot more information than their used to be so a good source to refer back to”
C Simmons

“Love Grapevine, keeps us up to date with what’s going on in the town plus lots of useful information”
K Dyball

“I always love reading through the grapevine magazine, always has so much info on events going on which I wouldn’t normally think about”
L Funnell

“I like being able to find out all of the events happening locally that I can pick and choose to take my son to”
L Grantham

“What I love about the FGV is that I am new to Sussex with not knowing m many people it gives me lots of thing I can do with my two children, and can meet new people.” 
T Roberts

Here are just some of the many wonderful comments we received about our Spring 2019 edition…


“I love the detailed descriptions of all local attractions, free days out, and also discounts you offer. This month you have offered some great competitions and discounts I will be sure to use!”
J Crawley

“Great mag, with good local events and prizes. Well laid out magazine with lots of great information!” 
N Thompsett

“Excellent magazine where we have found information and attended advertised groups such as nurseries, ballet and swimming lessons.”
H Williams

“I love getting the grapevine – I read the what’s on first – then look at the activity pages to see if there is anything new around and then I enter the competitions.”
L Skeggs

“THE MAGAZINE IS FANTASTIC… full of useful information to keep our treasures happy.. It’s my go to during holidays and weekends… Keep up the great work” 
M Channon

“I think it’s a very resourceful free publication and aids all families and ages brilliantly – Don’t change a thing – Its great!!”
L Sullivan

“Great magazine aimed at everyone. I like the fact that you always have great ideas on how to entertain children and that you cater for all budgets.”
F Andrews

“I like that Grapevine has lots of information about various classes and activities for children. It is my go to place to check out family friendly activities.”
S Keloth

“Our whole family loves this magazine! We look forward to receiving it from school and always look through and cut out fab adverts and pictures! We love the competitions!”
J Bardot

“The magazine is so informative concerning local events and societies. I work in the emergency dental unit at night and a patient was upset on losing his wife and feeling very
alone. We were able to find a group that met specifically for bereaved people. Hopefully, two problems solved.” 
E Bishton


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