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Comments from our readers

Our Summer/Autumn 2023 issue is out now…

‘This issue was really informative, the sections on water safety are great. There was loads of info on activities this summer & a lot of them were really affordable activities so that is always really appreciated. I’ve written down, a huge list from the magazine of things we can do in the summer & camp sites I want us to visit in the future. Thank you.’ Kayleigh from Eastbourne

‘Great to see so many events all in one place. A really handy guide!’ Reader from Seaford

‘Lots of wonderful ideas for days out – really great for keeping the grandchildren amused!’ Reader from Seaford

‘I love the list of groups and activities to take my kids to. It’s great to have all local information in one place and find out about events that I might struggle to find online.’ Reader from Polgate

Our Spring 2023 issue had some great feedback too…

‘May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on such a wonderful resource, I found it invaluable as a parent and continue to value you as a grandparent. Thank you.’ Niki A.

‘Cheap ideas for local days out.’ Reader from Newhaven

‘Great info in local activities.’ Reader from Eastbourne

‘It great so much information.’ Reader from Eastbourne



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