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Live Love Perform

Our mission is simple; to make the joy of dance accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, experience or ability.

To fulfill this goal and, as a consequence, disrupt the status quo of more conventional dance school offerings, we incorporate the following founding principles.
Small Class Sizes
All our classes are kept to a maximum of 15 students. Unlike other more conventional dance schools who choose to teach in large class sizes, we feel our approach greatly increases student participation and engagement, and results in a lot more fun in classes!
Performance First, (Optionally) Exams Later
Students come to us with varying aspirations regarding what they want to achieve during their time with us. Some may simply want to dance for the pure joy of it, and to express themsleves in ways they otherwise couldn’t. However, others may prefer to progress through a formal track of examinations.

We believe performance underpins dance as an art form, and we ensure our students get every chance to partake in performances throughout the year (if they wish), whether that be a relatively informal one at one of our many community events, or on stage at one of our annual showcases!
Diverse Age Ranges
We don’t shy away from the fact that we’re a young school (we were founded in May 2021); instead, we embrace it. As such, our current class structure incorporates a slightly wider age range than you’d perhaps normally encounter. What we’ve found however, is this results in a positive dynamic being formed between younger and older students; younger students look up and take direction from older students, and older students adopt the role of a mentor, helping and looking after younger students.