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Deddy Bears, Quirky, Mildly Disturbing, But Lots of Fun!

Ok… so bear with us on this one and excuse the pun.  When we first received an email about Deddy Bears I laughed, thought they were brilliant, but wasn’t entirely sure if they were appropriate or not for children.  I’ve erred on the side of fun and a very funny concept.  They are aimed at children but to honest I’d love one!

Unfortunately, the free sample we very gratefully received (Bones) went to my eldest son!  I wasn’t sure whether or not to draw a chalk outline around the picture I took.  Each Deddy Bear (and there are 8 to collect), comes in it’s own body bag and has an autopsy report!  (not sure whether to laugh or be disturbed right?)  They’re light hearted and not at all gruesome or unsuitable for kids.

The Deddy Bear itself is lovely and soft and full of character making them the perfect gift for very young children who can’t read the autopsy report, and for older children who can.  I think they’d really appeal to grown ups as well, I love them.  I’ve attached the official description below.

‘Dive into the whimsical world of Deddy Bears with the irresistible Deddy Bear 30cm Plushies.  These collectible Deddy Bear Plush Characters come in Deddy Bags/Body Bags. Teddy Bears are complete with fun and quirky Autopsy Report. There are 8 endearing characters to collect.

Impulsive, Fun, Super Cool and completely On-Trend, Collectible Deddy Bear Plush in their Deddy Bags/ Body Bags are the beautiful balance between Fright and Adorable.’

I think they’re great, a bit different, lots of fun and lovely quality Deddy Bears.  They’re also DEAD excited to meet you.

We’re very pleased to have one to give away, so do head over to our Competitions Page to enter.  If you can’t wait or you’d like to find out more about Deddy Bears click on the Smyths Toys link!

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