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Surrey schools to get a big gift this Christmas

Surrey schools to get a big gift this Christmas
Anyone in Surrey can sign up and help a school to win a share of £6,000
This Christmas, Surrey residents can give a gift to a local primary school by helping them to win a share of £6,000. The prize pot is on offer as part of Rethink Waste, a scheme that is supporting Surrey residents to throw away less and help the environment.

Anyone living in Surrey can sign up to Rethink Waste now. To do so, visit

The scheme, which is entirely free for residents, involves signing up online and taking part in a range of activities that will give people tips, advice and inspiration on how to waste less and recycle more. Each time an activity is completed, people win points. And those points can be used to give something back such as funds for the local community or charities, to enter a prize draw or to get discounts on eco products.

From now until 9 February 2024 though, it's possible to donate points to a participating Surrey primary school. Each one has an environmental project they'd like to do and once donations are complete, they will be awarded a share of the funds to run their project. When the same scheme took place in Elmbridge, Surrey last year, the winning school developed an outdoor area to help the children learn about the environment and sustainability.

Rethink Waste is a scheme by the Surrey Environment Partnership, made of Surrey County Council and the 11 district and borough councils in the county, that launched in Surrey earlier this year. It is designed to reduce the amount of waste produced by households across Surrey, which will provide a boost for the environment while also making savings for councils as it costs them to manage more waste.

Cllr Marisa Heath, Chair of the Surrey Environment Partnership, said: "At Christmas, why not give a gift to a local school by joining Rethink Waste and donating your points to them? It's a great cause and the schools will really benefit from the money, as we've seen before. To help the environment, one of the best things we can do is waste less. But it's not easy to do so, which is why a scheme like Rethink Waste is such a great idea - it gives you brilliant tips and the result will be schools funded to deliver environmental projects plus a boost for the planet and your local council."

Already, thousands of Surrey residents have joined Rethink Waste and are taking part in activities. Members receive weekly content and a dashboard through which they can track what they've done, find more activities and even find out how much carbon they've saved as a result of their actions.

To join this incredible community helping their planet and their local community, join Rethink Waste now by signing up at
More about SEP
The Surrey Environment Partnership is made up of Surrey County Council and the 11 district and borough councils in the county. It aims to manage Surrey’s waste in the most efficient, effective, economical and sustainable manner.

The 11 district and borough councils are waste collection authorities (WCAs) and are responsible for the collection of Surrey’s municipal waste which includes waste from households. The county council is the waste disposal authority and is responsible for the disposal and treatment of Surrey’s municipal waste collected at the kerbside and waste and recycling from Surrey’s community recycling centres (CRCs). To find out more, visit
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Greenredeem are a catalyst for sustained environmental behaviour change. They provide digital engagement platforms and behaviour change mechanisms which can support and complement existing websites and climate change initiatives.

Greenredeem create environmental campaigns, delivered through targeted communications, incorporating gamification, reward and recognition techniques; including a personalised carbon tracker. They engage all audiences and inspire regular participation to help meet a variety of environmental objectives, moving their partners from strategy to action. Please visit

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