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Mumbles and The Tall Tree Wood

Hello, my name is Sian, and I am thrilled to share with you a little about me, and my new book.

I have worked with children, young people and families for over 27 years, this has been in a variety of settings, mostly in the NHS, within child health and paediatrics, and always championing the voice of the child and young person,  the power of play, and story and access to normalising play, particularly at times of adversity or trauma.

I have qualifications in the field of nursery nursing, special needs,  specialised and therapeutic play, play therapy and counselling children using the creative arts.

Sharing and writing stories together is a joy, and I hold such impactful and important memories of these during my time supporting children, and young people during hospital admissions, and living with long term health needs.

The Book

Mumbles and the Tall Tree Wood is a children’s book, all about a hedgehog called Mumbles and a mouse called Doris, they both live in Tall Tree Wood, but Mumbles worries quite a lot, especially about the dark, and being lonely.

Doris wants to be his friend and so she helps him, with kindness and understanding and a little help from some friends.

One of the many reasons I created the characters in the book, is that often we don't have stories where worries and loneliness are talked about, stories that also recognise that worries can be really overwhelming, and look and feel very different, in each person.

Children and young people who can be worried, find it tricky to say they are, or to find the right language to describe it, my hope is that through Mumbles and Doris they can see that it is ok to share a worry, and to have representation in a book that describes what that looks and feels like, and the response with kindness and understanding, means they feel heard.

Everyone worries about something, at some time, and that is ok.

The book is suitable as a sharing book from 2 years upwards- with a gentle reminder it is about being afraid of the dark.

You can purchase a copy of the book in the following ways.

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Paperback and Kindle

Mumbles and the Tall Tree Wood: Sian Spencer-Little: 9781528941167: Books

It is also available for overseas orders from Barnes and Noble, and The Book Depository.  Check back to our website and download your copy at the beginning of November..

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