Croydon High School

Are We Nearly Here Yet? – Your journey through the universe

at your home

Brompton Close, Brighton, ZO0 0OM

07 April to 12 May 2024

from 9:30 am until 10:30 am

The story of your journey through the universe - your origins - from the Big Bang to bang-up-to-date, in 6 one-hour sessions on Zoom.
It has been an epic journey, and you have had many adventures: squashed up in a star, exploding all over space, dissolving in acids, roasting in volcanoes, chewing insects, being chewed by dinosaurs… you were a germ, a worm, a fish… surrounded by floods, earthquakes, wars… and now surrounded by family, friends and plastic toys: a survivor! Congratulations.
Short animations of each chapter are followed by Q&A, chat, video clips and games over an hour each Sunday. Sessions are led by Richard Robinson, best-selling author of 'Why the Toast Always Lands Butter-side Down', curator of The Incredible Machine and director of the Brighton Science Festival.
It's written for 9-12 year-olds, but really the story is ageless. Just as well, because we are expecting a grown-up to be present!
Also, the story is priceless, and the tickets are almost price-free: £13.78 per screen, for however many people there are (why £13.78? It's £1 per billion years)
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…"Thanks so much for all your wonderful Are We Nearly There Yet? zooms. Christopher has absolutely loved them. … I particularly liked your cartoon molecules at the start!"
… "I loved the Zoom calls and I think that it should be made into a book because I loved the illustrations - they were fun -  and the facts are told in a funny way. I liked that you make the creatures have faces and say funny things. I also loved the activities and I think it would be nice to include them in the book."
… "Absolutely wonderful. So excited to be able to take part in something like this. Richard has an infectious enthusiasm and manages to make complex ideas relatable and fun."
… "Thank you for bringing 'Are we nearly there yet' to our EBC science club.  It has been a joy to see the children take a journey into the scientific understanding of how life on Earth began and evolved. It has been explained simply with your engaging story-telling and wonderful imagery. We have been able to explore some complex science and it inspired some creative activities for our club. I am truly grateful for your time and expertise that continues to inspire our young scientific minds here at St Marks!"
Catherine Lewis (Year one teacher and Science co-ordinator at St Marks CE school)

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