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Banstead Prep School

“When children go home at the end of a Banstead Prep day, we won’t just challenge our parents to ask them what they did at school – because let’s face it, sometimes getting that information is hard enough! – we want them to find out what questions they asked today and how the answers they received encouraged them to ask many more.” Vicky Ellis, Headteacher, Banstead Prep School.

At Banstead Prep, your child will benefit from outstanding facilities that very few prep schools are able to offer. Our site includes excellent, fully-equipped classrooms, science labs, a full size floodlit all-weather games pitch, sports hall, an indoor swimming pool, professional dance studio and specialist art drama and music teaching spaces.

For many parents, prep school is the launch pad for the 11+, scholarship exams, grammar school entry or other forms of secondary education but it should be far more than that. The interests we begin to share in our first years of school are often critical in helping shape what we do as adults. Throughout their time with us, your son or daughter will be encouraged to learn about the sciences, language and culture whilst developing their own self-confidence and mastering their reading, writing and maths skills.

We are fortunate that, at Banstead Prep, we not only have the facilities to make this happen but also the specialist subject teachers to provide a curriculum that goes far beyond what most prep schools can offer. Our pupils can then progress to their secondary school of choice knowing that they will thrive there – whatever their interests.

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