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Comments from our advertisers & our readers

From our Advertisers:

‘Just wanted to let you know we have had an AMAZING response to our ad in the Grapevine!!!‘
Sarah – Creative Director | WRAP Space (March 2021)

From our Readers:

‘I love the info I get in Family Grapevine, I always find somewhere to take the grandkids, I never miss a issue, thankyou!’ Reader – distribution point: supermarket (Winter 23/24)

‘Things to do and events are really helpful, especially coming up to Christmas’ Reader – distribution point: supermarket (Winter 23/24)

‘Magazine is a real go to for events and what’s on in the local area – love it! Keep up the good work’ Reader – distribution point: swimming pool (Winter 23/24)

‘I love this magazine- always seems to arrive in my daughters school bag when we’re in need of some inspiration!’ Reader – distribution point: school (Winter 23/24)

‘I love it all! It’s packed full of information and ideas. Thank you’ Reader – distribution point: supermarket (Winter 23/24)

‘I love how it is so helpful for parents to get involved in community events’ Reader – distribution point: library  (Winter 23/24)

‘Useful info for grandparents’ Reader – distribution point: library (Winter 23/24)

‘I love how the magazine tells us how much goes on in the area!’ Reader – distribution point: school (Winter 23/24)

I regularly pick it up, I find it useful and it’s a relief to not scroll on my phone‘ Reader – distribution point: church hall (Winter 23/24)

‘I like all the information for groups and events in one magazine’ Reader online magazine (Winter 22/23)

‘Always plenty of tips and ideas , best magazine’ Reader – distribution point: supermarket (Winter 22/23)

‘Always welcome picking up this newsy and current magazine. A powerhouse of information’ Reader who picked up the magazine from Asda Hollingbury (Winter 22/23)

‘Lots of great ideas of places to take my grandchildren’ Reader who picked the magazine from Sainsbury Superstore, Old Shoreham Rd (Winter 22/23)

‘Very informative and appeals to all ages’ Readers who picked the magazine from Tesco superstore (Winter 22/23)

‘I think it is great. I loved the fact that the events on for children are all in the one book which negates the need to hunt through the internet.’ Reader who picked the magazine from Tescos Church Rd (Winter 2223)

‘Love the Family Grapevine as it lest me know what’s going on around me, and fun day out with the kids!’ Reader who picked up the magazine from Hertford Infant School (Winter 22/23)

‘Given the cost of living crisis, the competitions are great. Thank you’ Reader who picked up the magazine from Churchill Square (Winter 22/23)

‘Brilliant magazine to find things to do with the grandchildren!’ Reader who picked up the magazine from Asda Marina (Winter 22/23)

‘Fabulous magazine, so much to do’ Reader who picked up the magazine from Art Cafe, Rottingdean (Winter 22/23)

‘I Love it! Its such a great resource for local information and events’ Reader who picked up the magazine from Sainsbury Old Shoreham Rd (Winter 22/23

‘Good source of local info’ Reader who picked up the magazine from Asda Brighton Marina (Winter 22/23)

‘Love it, keep up the good work it’s so great for the family’ Reader who picked up the magazine at St Lukes swimming pool (Winter 22/23)

‘Love to find out all the places we can take our grandchildren & enjoy looking through the magazine when the library is open again…!’ Anita from Peacehaven (winter 2020)

‘It’s just a really useful magazine for the family.’ Liz from Brighton (winter 2020)

‘Brilliant little mag, full of little gems & ideas for my little granddaughter, that I hadn’t known about. Wish you had been around when my girls were young.’ Linda from Brighton (spring 2020)

‘It’s great thank you. Can’t survive as a single mum and childminder without it!!!’ Kate from Brighton (Spring 2020)

‘I particularly love the ‘what’s on’ section. The eye-catching advert for Borde Hill is what introduced us to this wonderful garden last summer, so I’m grateful to your magazine for inspiring us to try new places!’ Eleanor from Brighton (spring 2020)

‘We hope we can get back to normal life before June and enjoy the summer at least! You are doing awesome, our regular family read :)‘ Margo from Brighton (spring 2020)

‘Great magazine always read it to see what’s going on locally’ Amy from Southwick (Spring 2020)

‘We love it – so helpful for knowing which activities/groups/events are going on in the area – excellent resource!!’ Lidewei from Hove (Summer/Autumn 2020)

‘This magazine is excellent for someone that has just moved to the area with two young sons it’s great for ideas’. Lee from Hove (March 2020)

‘It is a lifeline for parents! Thank you for this wonderful magazine and keeping us updated with the locations of playgroups and classes for our 18-month-old’. Tony from Brighton (March 2020)

‘Love the magazine. I look out for the new editions each time as I love getting the ideas of what activities and events are on for us to try and do! Thank you!!’ Christine from Hove (March 2020)

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