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Puddle Ducks

Baby & Pre-school classes:
Puddle Ducks baby and pre-school swimming classes are for children from birth to four years of age and families can start swimming with us at any time (subject to availability).

Every Puddle Ducks lesson has been carefully devised to fit your child’s developmental stage and incorporates rhyme, music and movement based on extensive child development research. Our teachers also adapt the activities to suit each child's individual needs.

Puddle Ducks work closely with Birthlight and the STA on the best and safest way to submerge children so that they feel empowered and never forced. The answer is simple - the child decides.

Our classes offer children the chance to learn the importance of water safety, including personal survival. These are invaluable skills to develop at such a young age and will instil a confidence and respect for the water that will last a lifetime.

Local classes are held five days a week across two pools: Brighton Hilton Metropole and Herons Dale School in Shoreham.

All Puddle Ducks lessons last 30 minutes.

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