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The secret to a healthier you and a healthier planet in 2024

Discover Clean Living’s bacteria-busting, sustainable sports solutions January is the perfect time to set resolutions and intentions for the year...


University of Bath- Primary School Research

A researcher from the University of Bath is currently recruiting participants for an online questionnaire looking to understand teachers, parents,...

Out now

Special Online Music Lesson for Schools - video available

Click here to watch the lesson! Suitable for ages 8-14, or any child who is considering a career in the...

Book review

Artificial Wisdom by Thomas R. Weaver

Set only a single generation into the future, the world of 'Artificial Wisdom' looks startlingly different from our own, and...

Book review

The Case of the Great Energy Robbery

The SuperQuesters series is a great introduction to a broad range of STEM-based problem solving for younger children and a...


Circle of Toys. Supporting Families in Conflict Zones

In war-torn regions like Ukraine, where children face the challenges of conflict, displacement, and uncertainty, toys become more than mere...


Winter Robins: How to help Britain’s favourite feathered friend survive the season

With their vibrant red breasts, cheeky personalities and cheerful melodies, robins are one of the UK’s favourite feathered friends. Yet,...

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