Studio Collection Out Today

Modern Pacifiers for Stylish Babies

BIBS unveils the STUDIO COLLECTION, seamlessly blending contemporary design with soothing comfort. Featuring vibrant colors and chic patterns, it redefines baby essentials with style and flair.

Now available online and at selected retailers, the BIBS STUDIO COLLECTION is poised to make a statement

Each print is available in a range of dynamic color combinations, providing even more opportunities for personal expression.

Single pack: £4.95, 2-pack: £9.95.

About BIBS

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, BIBS is a leading baby brand celebrated for its contemporary designs and unwavering commitment to top-notch quality.

Since 1978, we have been revolutionizing pacifiers, starting with the iconic Colour Pacifier, and have continuously expanded our product range to offer a variety of high-quality baby essentials that cater to modern needs, tastes, and even the most discerning preferences. Guided by expertise, we are dedicated to crafting responsible products that seamlessly blend functionality and design while ensuring high safety standards and industry certifications.

With a global presence in 80 countries and 9,000 retail locations, BIBS remains firmly anchored in our mission to inspire, inform, and innovate parenthood.

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