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Welcome to the TinyTalk classes of Alicia Eaves
Hello I’m Alicia! Welcome to my TinyTalk Baby & Toddler Signing & Singing page.
I am a BSL signer (level 1) and have enjoyed signing for several years.
I discovered TinyTalk in 2011 and knew instantly this was amazing and wanted to teach.
From the moment we arrived at our 1st class I found the group to be so friendly. With simple songs and signs I soon picked things up. The feeling of achievement seeing family and friends little ones start to communicate was amazing.

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If you are unsure about singing or whether you will be able to pick the signs up, please don’t worry as we all have like felt this to start with. Come along as you will be surprised how quickly you will find your feet. You can take part in as much or as little as you like and remember there are always the refreshments and chocolate biscuits to reward yourself with at the end!

Signing with your baby opens a window into their world, helping build a stronger bond with your child and eliminates so much frustration caused to both parent and baby from not knowing what they are trying to say; Simple things like they are hungry, when they are full, want more, are tired, need changing, want milk, or a biscuit. Also things you may not realise they want to tell you about such as which animal they have seen in the park. All are basic statements/requests but understanding can make such a huge difference in your family lives.

Research has been carried out and it suggests that babies who sign in general go on to speak earlier and more fluently, obivously each and every baby is different but why not give your baby that chance to tell you what is on their minds!
Baby signing is amazing fun and such a great way to meet other like minded families.

Mums, dads, babies, toddlers, grandparents and carers are all welcome. We only charge per family which includes a hot drink and a chocie biscuit!

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07984 536763

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