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Business Name : Music Makers

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An exciting children’s music class for 3-7 years old in Nottingham

If your child enjoys music and you are looking for ways to encourage him/her to develop musically, you have come to the right place.

More and more children are taking up musical instruments after being inspired at children’s Music Makers classes Nottingham.

Long Description :

Music is a vital part of life, and making music together with others is something rewarding and deeply satisfying for children and adults alike.

The Music Makers philosophy is that everyone is musical – that being musical is part of our humanity – we are the only species that can make music together and we should celebrate that fact by doing it – often!

The Music Makers weekly class is intended to be a quality music experience for a child among many other musical experiences, at home, at school and in the community. There is no substitute for child/parent interaction, songs sung on Mum or Dad’s knee, songs that grandparents used to sing, passed down from parent to child and enjoyed regularly together in the course of everyday living.

We believe it is important for a child to see music being created in the here and now, therefore we place emphasis on the real playing of real instruments by the teacher, rather than simply using recordings.

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0115 9133627

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