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Whose Poo is that??? at Godstone Farm

Godstone Farm

Tilburstow Hill Road, Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8LX

10 February to 18 February 2024

All day

What might you discover at Discovery Week this February Half Term at Godstone Farm?

This February Half Term (Saturday 10th February – Sunday 18th February 2024) the folks at Godstone Farm are going to let a little bit of toilet humour (ahem…) slide, as it delves into discovery mode to share the intimate ‘movements’ of its animals living on the farm. Magnifying glasses will be at the ready, allowing intrepid explorers to peer into Godstone Farm’s ‘poo museum’ to learn the difference between meerkat ‘pellets’, guinea pig ‘droppings’, donkey ‘dung’, llama ‘beans’ and even what’s known as alpaca ‘gold’.

Little learners can discover what an animal’s dung can tell you about its diet, health and even how it uses its poo to protect itself from predators (including why poo is supposed to smell really bad!). Children will have the opportunity to peer into a range of jars and specimen beakers, searching for clues about what animal’s poo they are looking at. There’s also the chance to play detective with a range of animal bones. Children will be able to get hands on, and piece together a sheep’s skull, a pony’s shoulder bone and much, much more in Godstone Farm’s Discovery Cart.

There is also plenty of opportunity to enjoy the vast array of indoor and outside play areas. The Play Barn at Godstone Farm is Surrey’s largest soft play and offers a huge choice of hot and cold food and drink, whilst the extensive outside play area has a new Toboggan run and aerial runways coming this spring.  In addition, The Courtyard Restaurant will be serving its new menu featuring katsu curry, mucky fries and loaded jackets – the perfect tummy-fillers for children’s and parents alike (just wash those hands first)!

CEO of Godstone Farm, Nicola Henderson comments: “As any parent will tell you know, the pee and poo phase is a source of endless fun for little ones. So, we’ve decided to embrace this fascination whilst also helping our visitors to learn about how animals keep themselves healthy, clean and safe. For this week of half term we’re encouraging parents to let their children be a little potty mouthed… in the politest way!”
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