The Hairforce – South East London and Bromley
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Business Name : The Hairforce – South East London and Bromley

Short Description :

Professional head lice removal service that’s guaranteed to eliminate head lice naturally, safely and quickly without chemicals.

Long Description :

We are a unique nit and head lice removal service that uses a combination of clever technology and hand clearing to shut down an infestation. Our process is so forensic and thorough, and our understanding of head lice infestations so extensive that we can guarantee to clear the problem with 100% confidence. As a service we take the work off your hands and do it all for you clearing naturally, safely, quickly as well as effectively.

Embarrassing Bodies, the outstanding Channel 4 medical consumer series have worked with us on 4 occasions – we have cleared a serious infestation for them and also partnered with them on a filmed experiment that shows how quickly an infestation can spread among a group of friends. Christian Jessen from Embarrassing Bodies calls us ‘The Lice Experts’ and the show was significant in showing people that head lice infestations can get truly out of hand when you rely on the head lice products to clear it for you.

We launched in 2006 in response to a piece of scientific research published in The Times showing that the chemical head lice treatments had an 80% failure rate whilst advertising a very different message. We thought parents – and children – deserved success not failure, and some much needed assistance.

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0208 249 7381

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