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Reflexology with Sarah

Reflexology can support your fertility or pregnancy journey. If you are trying to conceive or already pregnant, reflexology supports the body’s amazing abilities to produce life.

Reflexology guides the body gently into a deep state of relaxation, turning off the stress response in the body enabling the body to restore balance in both body and mind.

Fertility: It can help to support the body's reproductive system, balance hormones and even work alongside IVF.
Maternity: It can help reduce pregnancy symptoms, anxiety, improve sleep and ease pain. 
Labour: Sometimes the baby is ready but there may be subtle blocks or imbalances that restrict labour. Reflexology is a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable treatment that can remove these blockages. A baby will only come naturally when they are ready which is why we can never guarantee treatments will ‘work’ but as someone who was introduced to Reflexology through pregnancy Reflexology I can highly recommend it! 

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