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Swim Scheme
PoolSchools deliver the AquaQuacks swim scheme. This scheme aims to develop swimmers’ confidence and technique in all four strokes building essential water skills.

Swimmers will be assessed continuously. (Age and distance will not influence progression for those aged 4+).

The scheme includes:

Free pre-swimming assessment for all swimmers over the age of 4 who have swum before
A 11/12 week course
Small class sizes

An average of 7 swimmers to 1 teacher for F classes.
7 swimmers per progression class (P1).
8/9 swimmers per progression class (P2-7).
Gulls club 1 teacher to 12 swimmers.

Free progression charts, badges and stickers.
Parents can access the portal to view their child’s progress.
Free Catch up clinics
Existing swimmers enjoy:

Priority rebooking
Sibling priority
Pay for 3 swimmers and the 4th swimmer is free

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