Monkey Music – raising money for the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre

Monkey Music – raising money for the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre

The amazing Monkey Music are celebrating their 15th Anniversary by trying to raise £15,000 for the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity

Alison is bringing together a team of their customers (past and present), Monkey Music teachers (past and present), along with her colleague Helen, and are entering Triathlon events in East Grinstead this May.  The majority will Try-a-Tri, a mini-triathlon to encourage more women to try a triathlon. For others it’s the Sprint Triathlon and one team member is taking on the Aqua Bike!  

Nordoff Robbins is the UK’s leading and largest independent trainer of music therapists and provider of music therapy services.  Monkey Music share Nordoff Robbins belief that music changes lives.

You can read more about the training they provide, and see examples of the work they do with people from all backgrounds and with a huge variety of needs on their website and facebook pages.  Here’s their website and facebook page:

On the facebook page  there are lots of little clips of the work Music Therapists do, and the kinds of settings they work in.

Do have a look at the video of an elderly woman called Dot and her music therapist Richard  – posted on 20th February – just beautiful

Monkey Music are hoping that the full £15,000 can be raised as follows:

£7,000 individual team members from their own supporters

£1,500 Monkey Music colleagues in the National Franchise network

£4,000 from our Monkey Music customers locally and across the country

£2,500 local businesses and local musicians

Here’s the link to the team page so that you can see the whole picture.  They’ve just hit 20% of their total which is just brilliant:

If you would like to donate to this incredible charity and support Monkey Music with their great efforts visit