The Pasta Kidz Series

The Pasta Kidz Series

The Boing Boing Bushes

Book 3 in the Pasta Kidz Series

By Bryony Supper

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The Pasta Kidz and Pasta Petz Adventures introduce a magical Pastaworld with different Pasta Languages, Pastaball, Pasta Games, Pasta Musical Instruments and The Pastamobile, for children up to around eight years of age to immerse themselves in! Pasta is a mealtime favourite of children around the world, and the lively and fun-packed Pasta Kidz series taps straight into our love of this Italian-turned-global failsafe food. Bryony Supper, the creator of the Pasta Kidz brand, has teamed up with incredible illustrator, Julian Bray, to build a host of characters with their own unique personalities with the aim of showing children (and their parents!) that differences in appearance and language don’t matter when it comes to playing and having fun! The Pasta Kidz form solid friendships that help them along the way in their many adventures, encountering Pasta Beings and Pasta Beasties, challenges and hurdles of all shapes and sizes.

Designed with young readers in mind, the Pasta Language, vivid illustrations and easy to read stories (with a subtle moral/educational message added into each book, a bit like that hidden veggie sauce on the pasta for lunch!) combine to create a recipe for success. The first two books in the Pasta Kidz series have been very popular, not just with children but librarians, teachers, even football teams and celebrities! The third book – The Boing Boing Bushes – is due for release in February 2019 – just in time for World Book Day (7th March 2019)..

Bryony’s energy and ideas, combined with the 350+ different types of pasta in the world, mean this is a series with a lot of potential! Bryony has already written 25 Pasta Kidz stories and is inspired daily by her work with parents, grandparents, teachers, carers, bloggers and reviewers around the world.

About the author

Bryony Supper (pictured with actress Su Pollard, Maggie Falconer from the When You Wish Upon A Star charity and ‘Wish Bear’), the creator of Pasta Kidz, trained as a professional actress at the Drama Studio, Ealing. From there she played a series of comedy roles and has a wide range of experience from the ‘Rocky Horror Show’ to stand-up comedy and children’s television – Bryony was a regular on Tyne Tees’ Gimmee Five with Ant and Dec, writing all her own material. For the past three years, Bryony has been working on developing the Pasta Kidz books and brand.

In Book 1, The Inventing Tubes, she created a Pastaball for her characters to play with, and is proud to say it has been made into an actual game! This will be played for the first time in a primary school in England, using a real Pastaball, which was made by Gilbert, the leading sports equipment manufacturing brand! Book 2, The Sorry Sticks, was published in March 2017, showing children that apologising for mistakes can sometimes be a lot of fun!

An East Midlands-born project, Bryony is partnered with When You Wish Upon a Star charity, Nottingham Forest FC, and is in conversation with an animation company to bring the Pasta Kidz to life! Her ‘Pasta Language’ has been a great hit in local schools and, ultimately, Bryony’s aim is to raise money to help children with life-threatening illnesses.


Title: Pasta Kidz – The Boing, Boing Bushes

Author: Bryony Supper

Genre: Children’s to 7 years

Publisher: Troubador

Publication: February 28 2019

Availability: Paperback & eBook, International

ISBN: 9781789018585

Price: £4.99 paperback





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