West Kent Mediation – Family / Parent / Teenager Mediation

West Kent Mediation – Family / Parent / Teenager Mediation

West Kent Mediation



Some disagreement between parents and teenagers is often a normal part of growing up. Young people have to contend with huge changes to their identities, bodies, emotions and social life. Whilst they feel grown up, they are not always able to make appropriate decisions and are still dependent on their parents or carers for help and support. This may end in the breakdown of good relations between the young person and parents/carers.

Our family mediation service is offered free to all families living in West Kent.

Research has shown that restorative approaches to work with young people helps raise their self-esteem and empowers them to find ways of living within the family more constructively and with a better understanding of the needs of others. Our work with parents/carers enables them to understand their children better, to feel less isolated and be supported during a difficult and challenging time. The benefits are also shown in improving relationships between the young person and their siblings

Studies carried out show that when family relationships improve, teenagers spend less time away from the family home, thereby reducing levels of anti social activities, nuisance behaviour, crime and offending and the impact that these have on the local community. With the breakdown in family relationships becoming more commonplace, it is so often the teenagers that finds themselves isolated within the family; our work with families helping them to address the problems they face and look to a more positive future.

Our volunteers work with a restorative approach, and we build on existing strengths to encourage the start of new behaviour rather than the stopping of old behaviour. When harm has been caused by inconsiderate, negative actions restorative mediation can helps families to make decisions and solve problems together. Mediation also helps the rebuilding of relationships within the family.

Mediation outcomes:

  • help families with decision making and problem solving
  • Support the re-building of relationships within the family
  • Give families new life skills for the future
  • Develop resilience
  • Raise self-esteem and empower individuals
  • Reduce stress which can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s mental health and emotional well-being

For further information regarding this service, please contact either Amanda or Gill

01732 46 96 96

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