The ‘Home Fragrance Club’ from PureStyle of London

The ‘Home Fragrance Club’ from PureStyle of London

PureStyle of London has launched the first subscription-based “Home Fragrance Club’ which offers consumers a new mix & match experience in this category.  Additionally the consumers can as well opt for the one-time-purchase Gift Set, which is great to give to family and friends.

Consumers can choose their own size and colour candle or diffuser and reeds with their favourite fragrance!  This can be done with the convenience of being at home and selecting and choosing online from their sofa and getting the final product conveniently delivered on the doormat and replenished if preferred.  All products are locally hand poured and social engaged and environmentally friendly!

Just a few long-lasting fragrances:

  • Neroli Rose [Rose Garden] is a delicate, sweet Orange Blossom and calming, soothing Rose intoxicate the senses
  • Citrus Lavender [Unwinding Moments] – Fruity vibrant citrus combined with soft calming lavender evoke the scent of an English garden
  • Nordic Pine [Morning Walk] is an aromatic and woody, a bracing walk through the pine forest on a bright frosty day. Relaxing!

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The West Kent Family Grapevine is delighted to be able to give away a Reed Diffuser ‘Indulge’ to celebrate the launch of these great fragrances.  Visit our Competitions Page for a chance to win.