Dad’s Don’t Babysit – A New Guide to Equal Parenting

Dad’s Don’t Babysit – A New Guide to Equal Parenting

Considering everything from hormones to Homer Simpson, from parental leave to the pay gap, Dads Don’t Babysit asks why fathers are sometimes unwilling, but more often unable to share the pleasures of parenting.

More and more men want a bigger role in their family – bringing up baby, hanging out with their kids. Yet it’s not happening. At home and in the office, from the breakfast cereal ad to the bedtime story, parents are subject to different pressures and expectations about what their role should be. Mums and dads are prevented from making a free and fair choice about how they share parenting.

It’s time to put that right.

Using the latest research, personal insight, interviews, and some cartoons, two dads make the case for equal parenting. They show that more and more parents want to split bringing up the kids fairly; why this can be good for everyone involved; and why this is proving so difficult in practice.

They set out the biggest barriers to sharing parenting more equally, and offer real solutions for putting it right in an accessible, personal and light-hearted way that any parent or parent-to-be will relate to.

About the Authors

David Freed is a successful dad blogger who writes about sharing parenting on his blog Dad’s Turn: Raising Little Bear ( A social scientist by background, he was one of the first dads in the UK to take half a year of Shared Parental Leave, sharing responsibility for his son equally with his wife. Whilst doing so, he developed first-hand experience of how great it can be being the lead parent, but how despite some small progress in recent years, he is still out of place as a dad in a week-day world of mums. He now works part-time to look after his son during the week.

James Millar is a father and went part-time in 2014 whilst a Westminster journalist. He’s blogged about that experience and the way people treated him at the time – the suspicion that he lacked ambition because he was taking time to look after his child. James has been a journalist for more than 20 years and published ‘The Gender Agenda’ with his partner in summer 2017. Dads Don’t Babysit grew out of that book.

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