The Daisy Foundation – ‘Most Innovative Birth Classes’

The Daisy Foundation – ‘Most Innovative Birth Classes’


Women in Kent and East Sussex are having better births thanks to a birth preparation method created by the Maternity Innovator of the Year, as named in prestigious industry awards on Friday.

Sian Gilmartin, 40, of The Daisy Foundation created a unique peri-natal support method that has helped tens of thousands of parents UK-wide to prepare for positive birth and build their confidence. Sian took the joint title, alongside Rachel Gardner of Sheffield charity Forging Families, at last night’s MaMa Conference awards in Glasgow – the Oscars of the maternity industry.

Anna Hayes has been teaching the Daisy method in Tunbridge Wells, Hawkhurst and surrounding areas for 5 years and has seen first-hand the amazing transformation Daisy classes can have on women.

Anna said: “I see women who are utterly terrified of birth in the first class become calm and confident in just the space of a few classes and go on to have the positive birth that are right for them. It is so rewarding and makes this just the best job in the world.”

“I couldn’t be prouder that Sian has been recognised in this way. Daisy teachers all over the country are seeing the difference that can be made to families when they feel confident, happy and relaxed in birth and parenting.”

Mother-of-2 Mrs Anna Hayes teaches 7 classes each week including Daisy Birthing, Daisy Tinies and Daisy Wrigglers, and also Daisy Parent Workshops regularly at weekends. She juggles running the business with her family commitments and says The Daisy Foundation gave her the flexibility to be her own boss and set her own hours while raising a family.

“The fact that Daisy teachers are mums too means that they know what it is like in those tough first years of parenting and I think that is the magic ingredient in Daisy classes.”

Anna is very excited to be bringing the new Breastfeeding workshops to the area in the summer too.

Parents are flocking to Daisy Birthing classes for their unique mixture of active-antenatal teaching and unconditional non-judgemental support.

Daisy Birthing is a groundbreaking active antenatal class that blends yoga-inspired movement with breathing techniques, birth hypnosis and traditional antenatal education to help women build their confidence as they prepare for labour. Instead of aiming for one particular type of birth The Daisy Foundation is passionately committed to empowering all women to make the informed choices that are right for them and their family.

As well as the yoga-based Birthing classes teachers, who receive comprehensive, in-depth training before they qualify and regular top-up professional development sessions to keep them up-to-date with the very latest in perinatal research, offer classes for mums and their birth partners to support them as they prepare for parenthood.

As a single mum, claiming tax credits so she could return to work, Sian Gilmartin took over the Lazy Daisy business in 2013, turned it into The Daisy Foundation and overhauled its birthing classes to include a ground-breaking programme of Active Antenatal (™) care for parents. Under Sian’s direction the business grew from a small unknown company to a UK-wide network of over 150 women passionate about supporting pregnancy and parenting, all affectionately known as Daisies.

In a health care system where mums and mums-to-be are unlikely to see the same health care professional at each appointment the continuity of care that The Daisy Foundation can offer is invaluable. Once babies are born then parents can return to access a full range of post-natal classes including baby massage and yoga, breastfeeding support, newborn care and calming techniques and even post-natal relaxation classes just for mums.

Sian says; “This award is not about me, it’s about the fabulous network of Daisy teachers who work so hard to support mums and dads through the tough challenges of pregnancy and parenthood.

“The value of the reassurance that mums get when they return with their baby to see a familiar face, someone who has supported you throughout pregnancy and understands your needs, is hard to overestimate.

“It is something that mums miss out on in our current system and it is crucial to improving maternal mental health and that is what drives The Daisy Foundation and all its teachers. This award is a great honour but serves as a reminder of how important our work is and how much more there still is to do. ”