Crystal Palace Chronicles transports young readers back in time at poignant book launch in the Palace Museum

The book launches two weeks before the 85th anniversary of the fall of the ‘People’s Palace’.

Author Graham Whitlock (and thanks to the power of time travel, H.G. Wells) welcomed 50 guests of all ages to the Crystal Palace Museum last week (17th November) to mark the release of a time-travelling new novel for young teens, The Crystal Palace Chronicles: Star of Nimrod, just a fortnight ahead of the 85th anniversary of the burning of the People’s Palace.

The museum, the last standing part of the Crystal Palace, was a poignant and fitting location to celebrate the release of this first book in a series, which is already selling out across local bookshops, and attracting rave reviews from young readers aged 10-14 as well as teachers and librarians.

“Thank you for inviting the Upper Norwood Library Hub to the Star of Nimrod launch at the Museum. An exciting book for all ages and a fantastic evening in the perfect setting. Already looking forward to the next in the trilogy!” – Emily Jewell, Director of the Upper Norwood Library Hub

“The book launch for Star of Nimrod was great fun. A wonderful Q&A with the author who explained the inspiration and passion from his growing up in Crystal Palace, the history and characters who inhabited this area for so many years, all magically versed into a well written fictional story you can’t put down… or is it fictional?! A fantastic book and brilliantly scribed.” – Tim Sharville, born-and-bred CP local and creator of Gunpowder Studios Games.

“It was a thrill to share Star of Nimrod in one of the last remaining remnants of the Crystal Palace, surrounded by its past and by people who are as passionate as me in wanting to bring it to life for the young and the young at heart. And to have one of the book’s main characters Bertie – aka H. G. Wells – lead my Q&A made it a night I’ll never forget (so glad he got his Time Machine working).” – Graham Whitlock, Author of The Crystal Palace Chronicles

About the book

Join teenager Joe on a rollercoaster adventure travelling back in time to the heyday of Victorian Crystal Palace.

Joe is lonely, and bored. His best friend moved away, he’s stuck looking after his annoying little sister and Dad spends every hour in their struggling restaurant, Paradise.

But Joe’s world is turned upside down when he discovers a shattered compass among the brambles where the Crystal Palace once stood and time travels through the maze back to 1888. With help from the teenage H. G. Wells and Samuel Coleridge Taylor, daredevil Iris Blondin, the creator of Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of the Gypsies, Joe must foil dangerous diamond thieves to uncover dark secrets about the ‘People’s Palace’.  Standing on boundaries between worlds, its secrets are tied to the fate of his family.

Will Joe be trapped in the past with his new friends, find a way back to his family or can he somehow have both?


Star of Nimrod at the Crystal Palace Museum,

17th November 2022

About Graham Whitlock

Graham Whitlock is a writer and local instigator who is hopelessly in love with London. He edited the Dev and Olli children’s books by Shweta Aggarwal and his critically acclaimed writing for the stage includes adapting the Shane Meadows film 24/7 and the Ealing Studios comedy Passport to Pimlico, the UKs first immersive musical.


Graham is proud to have helped found and run award-winning charity DreamArts transforming young lives fusing arts and therapy and feels lucky to work with thousands of young people living in some of the most deprived parts of London, helping them share their stories, express themselves and achieve their potential.