Tally and the Angel Book One India By Eleanor Dixon – A Review


‘I really enjoyed reading Tally and the Angel because it was very exciting, there was a lot of action, and it had a great storyline too. I think it was an extremely interesting and good book to read because it was all set in India where they hand-make lots of clothes. Tally was very brave, as she managed to stand up to danger and help other children who she had never even met before, and she decided to save them even though she couldn’t ever tell her father about what she had achieved. I think I would like to read the next book which will be set in Canada.’

by Ben (aged 10)


On the saddest day of her life, Tally discovers that the pendant which belonged to her mother is home to the Angel Jophiel. Tally knows that having her very own angel will change her life forever. Solving mysteries and having adventures with an angel in tow is awesome, right? What could go wrong? But being best friends with an angel doesn’t stop Tally from plunging into great danger when she discovers a deadly plot to destroy India with a gigantic flood. In a race against time beneath the beautiful city of Agra, Tally will need all her own courage and strength as well as Jophiel’s mythical sword to save herself and hundreds of kidnapped children.


Each book in this series takes Tally and Jophiel to a different location around the world, where they battle mythical creatures as well as evil of a very humankind. Inspired by the author Eleanor Dixon’s own travels and her fascination with traditions of angels in all cultures.


All profits are promised to two charities: Hope House Children’s Hospice, Shrewsbury and SITraN, Sheffield, one of the world leading centres for research into Motor Neurone Disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

 The book is available to buy online.

About the Author

Eleanor Dixon’s school life was spent in a girls’ boarding-school specialising in classical ballet and on leaving she danced professionally, touring Europe, for four years. After that she ran her own ballet school in Athens, Greece and simultaneously volunteered as a veterinary nurse, as her love of animals is the driving force in her life. Eleanor returned to England with her horse and cat, and now lives on a smallholding in Shropshire with various farm animals and a constant stream of pets.


Eleanor started writing while in Greece and completed a Creative Writing Course with the Writers’ Bureau. The same year, she won an annual competition in the Writing Magazine for an adult Fairy Story.


On her return to England, she wrote two children’s books, but her new life, caring for Highland Cattle, sheep, hens and pets, coupled with extensive global travel, meant that writing for publication took a back seat. She continued her love of writing with a daily journal and amusing travel blogs of each trip.


She is now writing full time and Tally and the Angel, Book One India, is the first of a planned series. Their next adventure takes place in Canada, in North Yukon and the third in Japan. Eleanor intends them to have adventures in Greece, Egypt, Peru, Africa – anywhere she has been, really.


Eleanor’s first published novel, The Graceful Ghost, draws on her own experiences in ballet-boarding-school and her early teenage life and is a story that has lived with her for many years. It was shortlisted for the UK Selfies Award 2021.