New Scientist Live at ExCel London

Held on 7th and 8th October, (with School’s Day on 9th Oct), the live event showcases everything you love about science, technology, and the world…all under one roof.

From live science experiments to talks by world-class scientists, up-and-coming researchers and the UK’s top academic minds, the educational and enlightening festival promises to showcase the latest breakthroughs, innovations, and discoveries. From exploring space to demonstrations of AI controlled robotics – the very latest in tech and science will be on show.

New Scientist Live is taking place both as a physical event, and online and is aimed at anyone who is curious about our brains, our bodies, our planet, and our universe. Whether they are science enthusiasts, students, families looking to introduce their children to the world of STEM or simply a curious individual eager to learn, there is something for everyone.

Speakers include:


  • BBC Strictly winner & wildlife photographer Hamza Yassin
  • TV Doctor & Presenter, Dr Chris van Tulleken
  • TV presenter & YouTuber Maddie Moate
  • Anatomist, biological anthropologist, author and broadcaster, Alice Roberts
  • Head of Spaceport Cornwall, Melissa Quinn
  • Neurologist and author, Suzanne O’Sullivan
  • Psychologist and author, University College London, Julia Shaw
  • Psychologist, University of Cambridge, Sander van der Linden
  • Senior research fellow, Alzheimer's Research UK, Selina Wray
  • Theoretical Physicist, University of Surrey, Jim Al-Khalili
  • Physicist and Oceanographer, University College London, Helen Czerski


Exhibitors will be showcasing exciting new technology & innovations including:


  • EIT Foods Crover’s robotic “grain-swimming” drone which helps farmers monitor their grain plus Mimica’s new food expiry label “Bump”, which tells you if your food is fresh or spoiled in real-time. Also on show will be ‘A Day in the Life of a Farmer’ to inspire young people to consider a career in food and farming
  • Discover Britain’s Pompeii – see replicas of ancient artefacts uncovered at Must Farm Bronze Age Settlement in Cambridgeshire. Dr. James Dilley - Experimental Archaeologist/Prehistory Expert from AncientCraftUK will be giving free flint knapping workshops, so visitors can try out the world's oldest craft.
  • SolarAid will be showcasing their SM200 solar light that is changing the lives of families living without access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Quekett Microscopical Club will allow visitors to use a variety of powerful microscopes and digital microscopes to explore the intricacies of skin and clothes.
  • Celestron Global Limited will allow visitors to gaze through the StarSense telescopes that are used in the Royal Observatory Greenwich.
  • It's a LaBLiFe will allow visitors to embark on a Moss Safari Adventure using BMS Microscopes. Picture an expedition akin to an African Safari, where intrepid explorers seek out the grandeur of the big five mammals. Visitors can view 'Microscope Big Five' – the most remarkable multicellular organisms that grace the lens.

Plus, two pioneers of a new type of energy which has the power to change the world – ‘Fusion Energy’ will be exhibiting their latest innovations:


  • Capricorne Spatial Agence will demo global and space-based propulsion technologies which will allow people to travel around the world faster and more environmentally friendly than ever before in human history. Two Models of Fusion Powered Propulsion Engines will be shown - Capricorn Model 2 (designed for Supersonic Aircraft) and Capricorn Model 3 (designed for Space Travel and getting humanity to other planets and beyond.)
  • First Light Fusion’s demo of their technology, that makes use of intricate shock physics to produce energy. A system that can sit comfortably in your hand can produce the same amount of energy as an entire barrel of oil.  Plus, a fully operational 3D printed scale model of their current flagship launcher, Machine 3 will be on show, an electromagnetic launcher capable of accelerating projectiles to 20km!


New Scientist Live has become a flagship event for science enthusiasts, researchers, industry professionals, and curious minds from around the globe. This year, the show aims to take participants on an exhilarating journey through the frontiers of scientific knowledge, fuelling their curiosity and sparking discussions.

The three-day extravaganza will see ExCeL transformed into a hub of scientific exploration and discovery. Attendees can expect a wide array of captivating presentations, interactive exhibits, workshops, and engaging panel discussions featuring some of the brightest minds in science.


"We are thrilled to bring back New Scientist Live in 2023," said Adrian Newton Commercial & Events Director. "This event celebrates the true wonders of science and encourages the exploration of cutting-edge ideas that have the potential to revolutionise our world. From thought-provoking talks to hands-on experiences, we aim to ignite curiosity and foster a greater appreciation for the incredible achievements of science."

New Scientist Live 2023 promises to be a transformative experience for attendees, whether they are science enthusiasts, students, or simply those eager to learn.


Tickets for New Scientist Live 2023 are on sale here.