Stride Into Life to Think Yourself Well

by Dani Simpson founder of Stride into Life


How are you? How many positive thoughts did you have in the last 10 minutes?

We have 60,000 thoughts a day, so if we don’t take control of them, the damage done to our minds and lives would be significant. How many of those 60,000 are positive? How many are negative?  And what happens when we stay on a path of negative thoughts, rather than redress it?

The truth is, we can’t control what happens in life BUT we CAN protect our mental health by training ourselves to respond better and in healthier ways.

Allowing others’ emotions, words and reactions to ‘leak’ over us AND failing to spot the truth about our negative thinking, work or home environment can lead to fatigue, depression, headaches and other symptoms.


Many of us have been trained in life to ‘push on through’ when things are tough – keep pushing, keep pushing, and we think it’s the right thing to do, but then what happens is we ignore the ‘red flags’ when our health starts to suffer – bad skin, migraines, bowel issues, weight gain or loss, hair loss, lack of sleep, depression or addiction.

I learned in life, that rather than keep ‘pushing through’ I needed to own and honour my narrative, however hard it was to acknowledge. You can read more about it in my forthcoming book ‘Stride out of Your Stuck Place’. Email [email protected] to pre-order.


Often the worst decisions we make in life are when we are worrying or hurrying. So, pause for a moment.  Consider this. In recovery programs participants consider the dangers of ‘trusting the opinion of a sick mind’. I propose that as a society we are encouraging ‘sickness’ through trusting the negative words and phrases we use, and the atmospheres they create.  Our minds are ‘sick’ with negativity. We have accepted so much of it as ‘normal’. And the dis-ease creates disease.


The truth is, there is no such thing as ‘sod’s law’, ‘bad things don’t come in threes’ and ‘this day is going from bad to worse’ only if you think it will and so decide the rest of your day will be ‘worse’.

Let’s reclaim our brain health and exercise self-control through our ‘mind-control’ and positivity. Lets shift the atmosphere around us!


Our healthy minds are key to leading healthy lives. Let’s think about the words we speak and the words in our atmosphere today. Exercise, of course, goes a long was to helping us feel more energised and more able to choose positivity. And you can exercise right where you are using your phone with

If you are struggling with your mental health, experiencing verbal abuse, anxiety or depressive illness, do reach out and get help. You are not alone and there is lots of help and free counselling available on the NHS, as well as help via the Nationwide FREEDOM PROGRAMME and RESTORED LIVES for domestic abuse.

The first step to striding out of our stuck places is to acknowledge and go after our pain (emotional, physical or mental).  We need to face our demons to be free of them, instead of telling ourselves it will be fine when…..I have finished this project, ….when the holidays come, ….when I get a pay rise or ……when I have more resources at my disposal.

The truth is, when you feel depressed or have chronic fatigue like I did, even watching TV was an effort, walking was an effort and any noise seemed amplified. Sleeping wasn’t a pleasure and travelling in the UAE and USA (which I normally enjoyed immensely) became a feat that felt like my head was in a ‘fog’ and I couldn’t ‘connect’ with my environment. I felt detached and isolated, even when with friends who I love. I was told by my counsellor I was experiencing PTSD. I had become so accustomed to this ‘state of mind’ that until my healing began, I had no idea quite how ill I was.

A wise counsellor once told me the best piece of advice – when people say things to you, assume they mean what they say and hold them accountable for it. It’s good advice, both in your relationships, at work and at home. Denial, minimising, intellectualising, disconnecting or ignoring the words in our environment that cause dis-ease can be hugely harmful to our health.

Whilst it’s temping to ‘ignore, ignore, ignore’ it’s best to care-front the things that cause us ‘dis-ease’ so that we minimise the risks of stress responses, physical disease and lasting mental health issues.

There is a progression to stress or depression – it doesn’t happen in an instant and as a society we are not helping ourselves with the de-energising and unhelpful things we say to ourselves and each other. THIS DAY IS GOING FROM BAD TO GREAT!

What are you thinking!?

Pause for a moment today. Take some time to gather your thoughts in this area. What words, sayings, phrases and faulty thinking/negative beliefs or ideologies have you brought into your family and relationships?

Make some marginal gains this month by catching them, silencing them and replacing them with positivity.

‘Sod’s law’ is not helpful to me but ha ha ‘God’s law’ says I’m wired for LOVE and great things.

“This day is not going from bad to worse. It’s hard but it will get better and good things are coming my way”


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