Shrewsbury and Telford

Activity Ideas


Funny fingers …

You will need:
100g Butter
75g. Icing sugar
100g plain flour
1 egg yolk
100 g chocolate
1tsp vanilla essence (shhhhh don’t tell the grown ups )

You will also need
an icing bag and a star large
round-hole nozzle.

In a bowl mix together butter
and icing sugar.
Add the flour
Use one egg yolk to make into
a dough
Add the secret ingredient
( shhhh don’t tell the grown ups )

Put the dough into the icing bag.
Put grease-proof paper onto a baking sheet.
Squeeze dough through the
nozzle for 3”
This will make a funny finger …
Repeat until finished .
Cook on 180 for 10 – 12 minutes
Allow to cool
Melt chocolate
Dip both ends of each finger into chocolate and leave to harden.
Enjoy !!



CLAIRE’s Crafty Corner  with Nanny Tricks Art

Paper Kite…… an activity for the older child

You Will Need:
1. A piece of paper (I used A2 size but you can use smaller)
2. 2 sticks (I used bamboo canes but you can use any straight sticks)
3. String/Wool/Nylon Tread
4. Ribbon or similar to add streamers
5. Tape and scissors


1. Lay your paper down on a flat surface and fold in half lengthways. Then fold the top corners over and the bottom sections into the centre marker line to create a diamond shape to cut out carefully.

2. Lay your sticks onto the diamond in the classic “t” shape and trim off if necessary so that the ends of the sticks just reach the ends of the paper without overlapping.

3. Tie your string around one of the sticks and using an “X” motion fasten the sticks together securely tying the two ends together before snipping off. Try to do this without using too much string which will add weight to your kite which you want to be as light as possible.

4. Tape your sticks to the paper, again using as little as possible but ensure the ends of the sticks are taped securely to the paper. I found that 8 pieces worked well.

5. Still on the stick side of your kite make a tiny hole about 3 cm from the top of the diamond and again at the bottom of the diamond close to the stick. Thread some string through the hole from the stick side and out to the front then back down and through the front side at the bottom. Make sure the string has “slack” and tie around the sticks top and bottom and secure with some tape. This is to fasten the string to fly your kite to.

6. You can now add the decoration to your kite. I chose some colourful ribbon and attached them to the bottom and sides of my kite with tape.

7. Tie your line to the front string and go and find some wind. At this point it’s good to have a friend to help with the launch and to re-launch if your kite crashes until you master the skill of flying it (take your tape along just in case). Have Fun!

Flying Tips:
• The best wind is a medium one. Too strong and your kite will be difficult to handle and too light and it will be tricky to get it off the ground.
• Stand with your back to the wind and have your helper take the kite downwind and hold it up in the air for you. Say “Ready, steady, Go” and your helper can release your kite. Keep the flying string taught until you get the hang of it then let out the string and watch it soar.
• If your kite sinks to the ground tail first there may not be enough wind and if it comes down head first or spins there may be too much wind. You may need to adjust the position the string you’re holding to fly your kite is attached to the string on your kite by tying it slightly further to the top or bottom until you find the perfect balance for your particular kite.