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Advice for your Water Baby

Advice for your Water Baby

Despite the days becoming chillier, swimming provides one of the best forms of exercise for both you and your baby. When taking very young children swimming the water temperature should be at least 32 degrees for babies under 12lbs or 12 weeks. There’s no minimum age to start your baby swimming and they don’t need to have had any immunisations before they go.

“Just 30 minutes swimming provides your baby or toddler with a complete work out,” says Heidi Hunter-Cope, who runs lessons across Shropshire, The Black Country & Mid wales. “Swimming’s great for enhancing their confidence and awareness, as well as helping to improve eating and sleeping patterns.”

When you take your baby swimming, at the end of every session, wrap them in a dry towel and place them somewhere safe whilst you get changed. By the time you’re ready they’ll be warm and dry, so getting them dressed will be a more relaxing process. Make sure their ears are dry, then pop a hat on your little one as you prepare to leave the pool.

Swimming with your baby is fantastic for strengthening the bond between the two of you. It will also introduce them to a lifelong love of staying healthy and fit, whilst having a great time too!

Water Babies classes are available in Shrewsbury & Telford. For more information, please phone Heidi and her friendly team on 01694 731 407, email [email protected] or visit