A new way of maintaining health and fitness – the Southey Way

A new way of maintaining health and fitness – the Southey Way

Britons spend a whopping £37m a year on wasted gym memberships and slimming classes
– often starting out with the best intensions that soon fall by the wayside through lack of
motivation and support.*

To combat this growing trend, local mum, Sara Southey, has launched The Southey Way –
a new business venture to help support women become stronger in body and mind on a
permanent basis without having to commit to annual gym fees.

The Southey Way starts with an introductory 12-week support programme of exercises
delivered to individuals weekly. Signing up to The Southey Way also gives members
special access to a closed online support group. Alongside the unique training programme
members will benefit from Sara’s leadership and motivational skills to help them achieve
their goals long-term. In addition to the network of support members can seek advice and
information on topics such as diet plans, health, fitness activities and lifestyle choices, in
fact, anything that helps them become stronger, energised and more confident.
Sara has recognised that a lot of women struggle with their health and well being around middle age. This is a time when women often have to deal with life changing situations including children leaving home, changing relationships within the family, increased financial pressures such as university fees or even separation. It’s no wonder that women often cave in under all this pressure and lose confidence or at the very least, lack their sense of purpose.

Sara says, “Evidence shows that women are having families later in life, returning to work
for longer, juggling with the teenage years, often at the same time as looking after elderly
relatives. This is all whilst dealing with the challenges of flagging energies, physical
changes and confidence levels. The Southey Way will provide you with the training,
support, guidance and motivation to reset and energise your life.” Sara continued to say,
“Support within the community no longer exists, The Southey Way enables you to benefit
from being part of a secure group of like minded individuals where you can all work
together to stay on track, gain confidence and become a stronger, healthier you at this
challenging stage of your life.”

Sara has a background in careers business training, was a full-time mum and has set up her
own successful business as a highly regarded garden designer. Her depth of knowledge in
the areas of wellbeing, gained through personal experience makes her perfectly placed to
address these challenges for women.

Sara is offering a free trial period. To find out more visit her website at:

• Survey results from online accountants Crunch.co.uk.

Sara Southey The Southey Way 07860 454514

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