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Your Baby Skin to Skin: Learn to trust your baby’s instincts in the first year

Your Baby Skin to Skin: Learn to trust your baby’s instincts in the first year

Your Baby Skin to Skin is about to be published by well-known local midwife Rachel Fitz-Desorgher.

Launching on 28th April 2017 it offers a unique approach for new mums, giving them the confidence to enjoy their newborns – the antithesis of books that promote structured routines.

Your Baby Skin to Skin takes parents on a reassuring and practical journey through baby’s first year, grounded in the knowledge that your baby is a highly evolved being, pre-set to thrive and survive.

With over 30 years’ experience, Rachel helps you understand your baby and teaches you to stop fighting against their inbuilt reflexes and instinctive cues. Instead, she uncovers the reasons babies act the way they do, which produces many ‘lightbulb’ moments of recognition – even in the most sleep-deprived parent.

Your Baby Skin to Skin:

De-mystifies why babies act as they do – looking at the science behind their immature autonomic nervous system and their natural survival instincts.

Is the antithesis of books that promote structured routines for babies that do not work.

Encourages parents to trust their newborn, giving them the confidence to enjoy their baby.

Rachel says: “If you respond to your baby’s needs you can’t get parenting ‘wrong’. No-one taught us to sneeze, we can’t get better at sneezing through practice and we can’t sneeze ‘wrong’! Likewise, a newborn baby comes ready-primed to feed, sleep and learn and cannot get these things wrong, so turn down your anxiety and learn from your little instinctive expert.”

Rachel lives in Earley and is the co-creator of Henley Birthcare, a unique freelance midwifery and doula service offering bespoke care to clients in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, London and the Home Counties.

With 30 years as a midwife and mother to four boys, Rachel is a true expert in the field. The book is already receiving excellent reviews and we’re delighted to have testimonials from renowned pregnancy expert Zita West and actress Joanna Page who she supported with post-natal care.

Rachel is hosting a book launch on 28th April at The Bell Bookshop in Henley-on Thames.