Sculpture Exhibition 2017

Sculpture Exhibition 2017


Borde Hill Garden
Borde Hill Garden
Haywards Heath
RH16 1XP

Date(s) - 15-May-2017 to 02-October-2017
All Day

Borde Hill Garden

Local, international best-selling crime writer Peter James, together with a host of other celebrities  and local dignitaries including newsreader Anna Ford, needed no help in identifying the form and structure of the 84 pieces of artwork making up this years Sculpture Exhibition at Borde Hill, at the preview on Thursday 11th May 2017. As intriguing as some of them were, clear signage and a helpful guide explained some of the more unusual pieces that may have needed more of an explanation.

There’s a plethora of art in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of tastes, all at different prices to accommodate the smallest or largest wallet. From the bronze and resin dark stately figure of ‘Grace’ by Juliet Scott, gliding across the south lawn of the Elizabethan Mansion to the rust coloured ‘Herd of Deer’ in a suitable clearing and the fun shiny metal and wood ‘Flight of the Avocets’ by Simon Hempsell ‘flying’ out over an Area of  Outstanding Natural Beauty, the sculptures also take the viewer deeper into the landscape. The placement of the art is key , highlighting even the most hidden away areas of Borde Hill Garden such as the Old Potting Sheds where decorative ceramic pieces including ‘Night Tide’ by Nicola Crocker rest naturally upon a gravel surface.  And this year three stunning but vastly different pieces in Jay Robin’s Rose Garden have been especially commissioned in celebration of it’s 21st anniversary  in June – Rose Bud, by Will Spankie, Bud for Borde Hill by Rob Leighton and Jubilee by Dot Kuzniar.

The composition of the pieces all over the Garden are varied – as well as Bronze, Metal and Wood, there is artwork formed from Stone, Resin, Ceramic, Iron Resin, Cast Marble, Cast Pewter and Marble Resin – again these are all indicated in the helpful guide. ‘Floating Feathers’, ‘Lichen Scopes’, and ‘Tawny Owl’, highlight some of more natural pieces that could bring much entertainment to many gardens, alongside such family pieces such as ‘Man’s Best Friend’ by Henrietta Bud. Others are more abstract – such as ‘Paradise Lost’ by Jordi Raga,  or ‘Airborne’ by Lynn Warren. Others still are functional, such as the ‘Magnificent Bird of Paradise with Fountain’ by Lloyd Le Blanc for grander gardens through to smaller birdbath’s such as Jason Mulligans ‘Little Dipper’ and Will Spankie’s ‘Compass Birdbath’.  Narratives by Richard Strachey such as ‘A Walk with the dogs at Westhay Moor’ and ‘Raining at Fremington’ carry a deeper meaning as history of the geological stone plays a part in the carving…


Peter James, a keen artwork collector himself, who opened the exhibition said, “I was delighted to have been asked to open Borde Hill’s 18th Annual Sculpture Exhibition, sponsored by 1st Central, as I’ve long collected art and believe strongly in supporting new and up and coming artists, particularly those who are local.”

Tom Acott from 1st Central said “We are very pleased to be sponsoring the Sculpture Exhibition at Borde Hill’s beautiful Garden for the 3rd year, helping support both local artists and those from further away”.

The Sculpture Exhibition, showcasing over 80 works by both established and up-and-coming artists at Borde Hill runs daily from 12th May – 2nd October 2017 with admission included in the standard entry price.  Families will also be encouraged to explore the exhibition with our popular and engaging Kids Sculpture Trail.

All pieces are available to purchase.