Lushtums Antenatal Prepare for Birth and Baby course

Lushtums Antenatal Prepare for Birth and Baby course


Beacon House
Chapelfields, Ardingly Road
RH17 5JR

Date(s) - 20-October-2019
10:15 am - 4:15 pm

Beacon House

Also available as a 121 or small group.
In one day this course, designed for women and their birthing partners, will provide essential information about what to expect during the birth of a baby and the early days with a newborn. What really sets this course aside from others is that we not only provide absolutely all the information from a completely neutral standpoint, but it also teaches essential techniques to maximise natural pain relief and how partners can help to make the process easier.
We’ve worked with thousands of women and their families to guide them through their pregnancies and empower them to approach labour and birth with confidence. We are FEDANT registered, with Midwife-led training. Our course content follows NICE guidelines and local trust policies.
Expect to thoroughly understand the process of labour and birth and your options, the science behind how the body and brain work during labour and how we can work with that effectively for a positive experience.
All of our classes and courses provide a safe and nurturing space for you to ask questions, raise concerns, and find practical advice.
****** What do our clients think? *******
“The breathing techniques we learnt and knowing all of our options thoroughly was invaluable! I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through it with just gas and air other wise. The BRAIN anagram was amazing and we (mainly Mike as I was so out of it!) used it each time we needed to make a decision about our options.
Overall, I felt like I remained in control somehow, and trusted my body to get this little guy out safely – and it did!
Thank you so, so much.” Zoe, Mike & baby Jack
“I purchased a block of classes with the birthing prep class and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I wish I could take Sarah into labour with me! Yoga has helped me in so many ways and couldn’t recommend lushtums enough. It’s been such a positive aspect of my pregnancy and made me feel more calm. The birthing prep class is so informative and I think I’d feel lost without having done it. Me and my partner really enjoyed it. Thank you for playing such an important role in our journey! I plan to continue to do Mum and baby classes with Sarah in the future, I’m hooked!”
Sam Dolton
“I have attended this course and it’s absolutely brilliant. The ladies that lead it are informative and factual and give you all the information needed to make informed decisions about your birth. My husband was slightly reluctant at first but due to it being covered over this period of time and the way in which the information was presented he learnt a lot and enjoyed it! They make you feel relaxed and give the opportunities to ask any question without feeling it’s a silly question. I walked away feeling confident that I had been armed with all the information I needed and the comfort of knowing if I had any more questions I could go back to them and ask even after the course. A big thank you to them from me and I highly recommend it to any one looking for a birth preparation course.”
Nina (Nina was a first time Mum and her husband a second time Dad)
Blog from a second time mum’s perspective.
Our combined 6 hour antenatal Prepare for Birth and Baby course + 10 pregnancy yoga classes – £245. For the Course only – £150 earlybird (paid 1 month beforehand)
The 6 hour course provides for women and their birth partners, our weekly 90 minute yoga classes are for women only.
Each of our 90-minute yoga classes is tailored to the specific needs of the women attending – there’s no pre-written class sequence, and each week you’ll learn and experience something new. We cover a wide range of techniques including breath practices and movements for staying calm during labour, and simple body strengthening exercises for during pregnancy, as used by physiotherapists