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Business Name : Tiny Tekkers

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Multi-Sport classes for children aged between 18 months and 6 years. Tiny Tekkers firmly believe in learning through play, especially using our physically structured sport programmes.

Long Description :

Our age-specific classes, led by highly qualified coaches, introduce the techniques needed to overcome any challenge. These techniques are then put into practice as children move through the age groups, giving every child the platform to perfect their new skills and become winners! Our Tiny and Junior Tekkers programmes are designed for parental participation throughout, until your child feels comfortable enough to leave mummy and daddy on the bench. This will help your child to develop new skills more quickly and become more confident in their new environment. Our Mega Tekkers classes are for the continued development of the child’s sporting ability; giving them a platform of team and inclusion-based games to home in their new found skills.

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07702 433227

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