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Louise Cornish Fitness

Louise is your local postpartum fitness specialist, helping time-poor mums get fit and strong again after having kids, without any leaking, pain, or fear of 'doing it wrong'.

She provides 1-to-1 online and in-person coaching, and runs an online group membership programme 'The Active Mums Club'.

Louise can support you with nutrition, fitness and wellbeing, to ensure you reach your personal goals.

Do you want to:

- Get started with exercise postpartum, when you don't know how

- Stop leaking with exercise, coughing and sneezing, without relying on pads or crossing your legs

- Rehab a diastasis and / or build core strength, without fear of doing damage

- Improve prolapse symptoms, without stopping activities you enjoy

- Return to running, or your favourite sports, without symptoms, injury or setbacks

- Get into a consistent exercise routine, without mum-guilt and the busyness of life stopping you

- Kickstart healthy habits, without giving up everything you love

Louise will help you feel fitter, stronger and more energised, to boost your self-esteem, and ensure you are living the active mum life you always envisaged for yourself and your family.

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