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Former student flies pupils and teachers at Burgess Hill Girls home from Italy

On disembarking their flight from a Classics trip to Italy students and teachers at Burgess Hill Girls were delighted to find their pilot was former student Anna Morgan.

2023 has been a big year for Anna Morgan, who left Burgess Hill Girls in 2018. She has graduated from Sussex University with a degree in Finance and Accounting and qualified to become a commercial pilot through the easyJet Generation Scheme at CAE. She has been officially flying as a pilot for easyJet since June 2023.

She was thrilled to bump into students and teachers in her first year of flying:

“I had just landed back into Gatwick from Naples and usually I like to hop out of the flight deck to say goodbye to passengers if I can. I saw Mrs Cassim, my Year 10 form tutor, and couldn’t believe it!  She was bringing pupils back from the same trip I had been on when I was at Burgess Hill Girls. It was so lovely to see her and an amazing coincidence that I flew the school trip home.”

Head of Drama, Emma Cassim was equally delighted:

“I was really surprised when the crew addressed me by name and then I looked up and saw the pilot was Anna. The girls were really impressed that they had been flown by a former student, not much older than themselves. I would not be surprised if some of them follow her career path!”

Anna is keen to develop a long-term career in aviation:

“I’m still a very new pilot at easyJet, so I have got my first simulator check to concentrate on. Longer term, I would like to become a Captain and get involved in pilot recruitment, particularly inspiring girls to get into aviation. It really is the dream job!”

Image: Emma Cassim and Anna Morgan Bold Girls Burgess Hill Girls

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