Saddle up for Star Stable: Mistfall – New Animated Series Debuts 16th January

Saddle up for Star Stable: Mistfall – New Animated Series Debuts 16th January


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Calling all tween/teen, horse-loving girls! Mark your calendars for 16th January and gallop over for the world premiere of Star Stable: Mistfall, the new animated series from Star Stable Entertainment, a global entertainment company and creator of the popular adventure game Star Stable Online. The 90-minute red carpet premiere event includes exclusive access to the stars, an unplugged musical performance and the debut of all ten Mistfall episodes for a shared virtual viewing experience.

Hosted by Star Stable influencer Meli Rothberg, the premiere will include actor interviews with Banita Sandhu (Pandora) and Kevin Alves (Locke & Key), as well as with Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Alice Prodanou (Hotel Transylvania, Inspector Gadget, 6teen, and My Babysitter’s a Vampire).

The 90-minute virtual ‘red carpet’ event and series debut takes place on Star Stable’s YouTube channel The Mistfall premiere event begins at 18:00 on 16th January and the complete series will be available directly after.




Girls the world over play Star Stable Online, devour the new Soul Riders book series (introduced this year, along with its sequel) and hit replay again and again on Star Stable’s top music hits (top song streamed 500K times). Girls are hungry for content that represents them. Mistfall is central to Star Stable’s almost 10-year mission to deliver relatable stories where today’s multi-dimensional girl is the hero on every medium.

Mistfall chronicles the story of ‘Skye Rowan’ as she navigates a tragic accident, a mysterious island, a magical horse, a fateful friendship, and an epic adventure during ten five-minute long episodes.  A longer-form version is currently in production with Star Stable’s animation, publishing and licensing partner Ferly.