National Storytelling Week & Africa’s Little Kings and Queens

National Storytelling Week & Africa’s Little Kings and Queens

National Storytelling Week is 30th January – 6th February 2021.

Kunda Kids Publishing, a black-owned publishing company dedicated to educating children about African history and culture, launched their latest collection ‘Africa’s Little Kings & Queens’ on Thursday 17th December 2020.

The Africa’s Little Kings & Queens full collection is written by Founders and Authors of Kunda Kids Publishing, Dele & Louisa Olafuyi. These four colourfully illustrated, rhyming picture books are stories about African historical figures including Queen Yaa (Ghana), Mansa Musa (Mali), Queen Kitami (Uganda) and Shaka Zulu (South Africa).

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Suitable for children aged 3 – 8 years old, The Africa’s Little Kings & Queens Kunda Kids collection is designed for reading to little-ones and great for those learning to read independently.

Each book is 32 pages, with approximately 500 words. Pages are printed with a silk finish and the book cover is gloss laminated.

Only 1% of children’s books published in the U.K in 2018 had a black character. Children’s books are also six-times more likely to feature animal main characters than BAME people.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and the beginning of Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests, Kunda Kids Publishing was established by married couple Dele and Louisa Olafuyi during the COVID19 UK lockdown after failing to find modern, positive and informative content for their son about Africa’s ancient history. They wanted to counter-balance the constant negative stories and depiction of Africa.

So, they decided to make their own, which they initially intended to be a Christmas gift for their son. However, their friends and family soon started requesting copies. The couple quickly identified a gap in the market for children’s adventure books about ancient African places and characters. This marked the inception of Kunda Kids Publishing, part of Kunda Kids Ltd.

The Africa’s Little Kings & Queens full collection is now available for order. Each book is £7.99 and the full collection price is £28.99. Pre-orders include free shipping to the U.K, Europe, and discounted shipping to US & Canada.

This series is a great way to introduce and educate the upcoming generation of young leaders and thinkers to Africa’s great history, in a fun and engaging way. The series is also created by men and women of African heritage themselves, highlighting more authenticity to the story.

Each character in the Africa’s Little Kings and Queens series is taken through a journey exploring innovative and brave experiences. For example, book titles in the collection include Queen Yaa Saves The Golden School, Mansa Musa Builds A School, Shaka Zulu Learns To Dance and Queen Kitami Makes Friends.

The characters of this collection are put in situations that children in the target audience can relate and connect with. The aim is to help change the negative perceptions often portrayed of Africa and highlight the positive figures who have been game-changers in ancient African history.

The Africa’s Little Kings & Queens full collection is:

Written by Louisa Olafuyi (Ugandan) and background as a Innovation Specialist with prior experience as a Senior product Marketer for the Cambridge University Press. Oladele Olafuyi (Nigerian) has a background in Head of Marketing in Africa, Fintech and is a Cambridge MBA 2019 Alumni.

Edited by children’s book editor and novelist Krystle Appiah (Ghanaian)

Artwork by Nigerian based Illustrators Isabelle Irabor and Tiolu Yoloye