Review – NitNOT pure mineral oil head louse treatment – 5 stars

Review – NitNOT pure mineral oil head louse treatment – 5 stars

We often have a problem, a problem with head lice, so when I was offered a new anti head louse serum to try out I was very keen. I have tried most of the other ones which you can buy in chemists and I thought I knew which one was the best, but then it failed to kill all the live lice, twice in a row, even though I left it on for longer than the suggested time and really smothered it on too, which left  me really frustrated, and someone else still a bit itchy.

It didn’t take long for an opportunity to try out the serum to crop up. NitNOT has a precision nozzle so you can direct it onto the scalp nice and easily and it is quite liquid so you can just squirt a load on and then smooth it all out. It isn’t even that drippy to use, although you do need to put a towel around the person’s shoulders. It doesn’t smell of anything which makes a nice change, and as it is pure mineral oil I wasn’t worried about it stinging the scalp. You leave it on for a couple of hours (put a movie on) and then use washing up liquid first to work up a good lather, rinse well and then use lots of shampoo to get the rest of it out. Best of all I didn’t find live lice still wandering about as soon as I had shampooed it out and had a look – hurrah!

Unlike most other headlouse treatments, NitNOT doesn’t come with a plastic comb, as the creator of NitNOT is aware of just how many plastic nit combs must be manufactured, transported, packaged and then just thrown straight in the bin as nobody needs a new comb every time they need to use the treatment. The plan is for NitNOT to include a compostable or recyclable comb, so that it is there if it is needed, but will not go straight into landfill if it is not required. There are also plans to ensure that the bottle itself and any other packaging will equally be compostable or fully recyclable and in the future all components will continue to be manufactured in the UK.

The blurb from the lovely makers:

The contents of the bottle (the mineral oil) are environmentally friendly, and we are in the process of making an environmentally friendly comb and bottle which can all be recycled or put in the compost heap. We are using a British company for the manufacture of these items to keep our carbon footprint low too. Eileen is very keen to make NitNOT the only lice treatment that is kind to our environment and your scalp. As studies have shown, we do not need to be using harsh toxic treatments which aren’t even as effective

NitNOT Anti Head Lice Serum, was borne out of a mum’s frustrations with the range of chemical-based and potentially harmful nit treatments available. NitNOT’s serum is the only non-toxic, hypoallergenic, pure mineral oil solution to head lice, created after years of study and consultation with leading specialists. It works by coating the lice and eggs stopping them from releasing gasses they need to expel. As a result, it kills both the eggs and lice. Scientifically proven not to be absorbed by the skin, it also has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic. As such, the serum can be used safely on even your babies scalp.

NitNOT can be purchased from Amazon or the NitNOT website with free delivery. One bottle has enough solution to treat a family of four, and can be applied with ease to curly or afro hair too.