New for 2019 – Rainforest Carousel at Drusillas Park

New for 2019 – Rainforest Carousel at Drusillas Park

The beautiful new Rainforest Carousel at Drusillas Park was a great hit with our two (aged 7 and 8). The children chose a scarlet ibis and a poison dart frog (or poison ‘dark’ frog) to ride on and they would have been very happy to queue up again immediately and go straight back on. The Carousel is lovely to look at while the children ride and it is right next to the café seating area, so you can enjoy your coffee in total peace while they happily go round and round. There are lots of colourful animals and birds to choose from and a turtle (I may be wrong, it could have been a tortoise) for wheelchair users.

The other favourite was the Eden’s Eye maze which is quite a surprise as it is low-tech compared to the rides, but both times we have visited Drusillas the children have absolutely loved exploring the maze and being made to jump by the hidden surprises (I don’t want to give anything away).

In the zoo section, we all took part in lots of the Animal Olympics challenges and found out that my daughter can run as fast as a lizard and can hang from a bar for almost as long as a monkey, my son can run as fast as an elephant, I weigh the same as a chimpanzee and nobody is as loud as a blue whale.

It is easy to fill an entire day with very varied activities at Drusillas and the new Rainforest Carousel is a clever blend of the educational side of the zoo, which focuses on conservation, and the really fun side of the children’s rides.

Visit the Drusillas Park website for further information on 2019 events and character appearances.