Cumnor House Sussex pupils raise over £1,000 for charity

Cumnor House Sussex pupils raise over £1,000 for charity

Photo: Cumnor House Sussex Charity Pick ‘n’ Mix

The Year 6 children at Cumnor House Sussex raised a phenomenal £1,028 in a fundraising extravaganza that was organised independently by the 56-strong year group, in aid of their nominated Charity, Cancer Research UK.

The 10 and 11 year-olds arranged themselves into small groups and came up with some innovative ideas for raising money including selling homemade biscuits and cupcakes, finding the treasure, guessing the name of the rabbit, basketball shoot-out, apple bobbing, hockey ‘keepy-uppies’, pie face, cup shuffle, guess the cake or sweetie jar weight, beat the goalkeeper, slippery shoot-out, doughnut-on-a-string, hair braiding, pick & mix, face painting, as well as a coconut & can shy.

They took over the school’s Sports Hall and tennis courts, organised their own props, stands and prizes and, by 3.30pm, were ready to welcome the rest of the school, including pupils and staff, who poured into the Sports Hall and onto the tennis courts ready to buy cakes, sweets and drinks, participate in various sporting challenges or have their hair braided and faces painted.

“This is a much anticipated annual event for our Year 6 children,” commented Maureen Boyland, Fundraiser Co-ordinator at Cumnor House Sussex.  “The year group takes responsibility for organising the entire event and, having also voted for the charity that they most wish to support, they are given a real incentive to raise as much money as they possibly can.  It is great fun for them and for everyone involved.  To raise such a phenomenal sum at this single event is a real credit to their hard work and meticulous planning.”

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