The UK’s first packaging-free shop on wheels

The UK’s first packaging-free shop on wheels

The electric van come mobile shop that is helping communities reduce waste and #passonplastic


Launched on 6 January 2018, Charlotte’s Cupboard is the UK’s first and only packaging-free shop on wheels where customers use their own containers to shop on a refill and weigh basis.


Just like a cupboard, Peggy the 100% electric van, is fitted with tailored shelving and, alongside co-founders Charlotte and Thalassa, visits different markets around Sussex. The plastic-free trio also offer a home delivery service 6 days a week with one goal: to make plastic-free shopping as convenient and accessible as possible.


“This isn’t a new way of shopping but we are revisiting and revitalising it. Our aim is to show people that giving up plastic is important for our planet and although it may seem daunting, it isn’t hard. We want to make this way of shopping as convenient as possible, which is why we are mobile; different customers with different lifestyles can shop with us in different ways. It’s also important to us to deliver the message that any small change can make a difference; it’s about doing what is achievable for you and your family” Charlotte, Co-founder and Director, Charlotte’s Cupboard.


Since their launch, Charlotte’s Cupboard has hit Sussex by storm. Customers from all over the county have been visiting them at their different market pitches each week and other customers have been booking home deliveries. All with the same aim: to pass on plastic.


In a short space of time and due to popular demand and request, Charlotte’s Cupboard has expanded their product offering and pitch locations, as well as visiting local schools to discuss the topic on everybody’s minds right now – PLASTIC.

Charlotte’s Cupboard has also begun working with local councils to help towns be rid of single-use plastic as well as help local communities minimise their household waste.


Interestingly, Charlotte’s Cupboard has been catching everyone’s attention by making lyrics to popular songs plastic related and then singing or rapping them out of the back of their electric van, Peggy.


“Charlotte’s Cupboard is tackling a serious issue and we are very serious about what we are doing. However, we want our plastic-free message to reach as many people as possible and sometimes serious issues can be overwhelming. To tackle this, we sing or rap to well-known songs changing the lyrics to make them related to our plastic-free mission.

We then share them on our social media hoping to entertain our followers, but also inspire them and encourage them to make a change. We are thrilled to see that our most recent video was shared over 11k times and watched over 9k. We’ve even started to get song requests!” Thalassa de Burgh-Milne, Co-founder and Director, Charlotte’s Cupboard.


Charlotte’s Cupboard’s future plans include getting more vans so that they are able to extend their catchment area for home deliveries and reach smaller outlying towns on market days.