MUMDAY IS COMING! Mush empowers 1000s of mums to get out of the house & make new friends

MUMDAY IS COMING! Mush empowers 1000s of mums to get out of the house & make new friends

With the staggering news that more than half of new mums leave the house less than twice a week*, Mush have decided to take action by renaming Monday 20th November “Mumday” and empowering thousands of mums to get out, have a good time and make new friends.

On Mumday, we’ll be doing our best to brighten up this gloomy time of year by simultaneously hosting more than 200 events (“mush-ups”!) around the country where parents can take their kids and get a much-needed caffeine (or something stronger…) hit while meeting new people.

As the number one social app for mums, we know that it’s real-life connections, rather than just chatting online, that can make all the difference to life as a new parent. Currently, a quarter of new mums say it’s meeting up with mum friends** that has given them more confidence to get out and about, but we want to quadruple this figure and show that forming new connections with likeminded locals can be truly transformative to the challenges of motherhood.

With mums citing reasons such as getting public transport with their baby, breastfeeding in public and fear of their baby crying as reasons to stay at home***, we’re offering a helping hand; we want to take all the anxiety out of getting out and about by giving every mum – whether they have a needy newborn, a tantrum-prone toddler, little darlings at school or all of the above – a warm welcome in a friendly environment where everyone’s in the same boat.

Mums can apply to host their own Mumday event via, while anyone looking to attend a Mumday mush-up should keep their eyes peeled on Mush’s social channels.

Mumday will climax with an evening event in central London called Bunk Off Bedtime, featuring inspiring and entertaining speakers who happen to be mums. Tickets are available here and include a goodie bag, drinks and nibbles. All profits go to Bloody Good Period, whose mission it is to end period poverty.


*We asked 500 new mums how frequently they left the house with their baby. Only 16% said every day, 33% a few times a week, 31% once or twice a week and 20% less than weekly.

**Of 500 new mums, 26% said meeting up with mum friends ultimately boosted their confidence about getting out of the house, while 50% cited “just getting used to it”, 11% said finding baby-friendly venues made all the difference and 4% said encouraging comments from strangers really helped, while 6% said nothing helped; they still felt nervous now and 3% cited other reasons.

*** A whopping 33% said they were nervous about “EVERYTHING!” the first time they ventured out with their baby, 16% said breastfeeding in public, 16% said their baby crying in public, 9% said driving with their baby and 4% said using public transport made them the most nervous. The remaining 22% cited other reasons including fear of their baby being kidnapped, road safety issues, worries about their baby catching germs, finding nappy changing facilities and the logistics of making up a baby bottle while out and about.


Mush was the brainchild (to add to their brood of actual children) of London mums Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie-Taylor, who met in a rainy playground three years ago when both were getting to grips with having “two under two”. They soon became firm friends – but that chance meeting made them wonder why there wasn’t a better way to find mums in the same boat. Mush was launched in May 2016 and now has hundreds of thousands of users around the world and is responsible for an estimated 1 million friendships.

As well as encouraging mums to make friends and providing entertaining content for parents, Mush has recently launched two new features: Mush-Ups – your new local social network where you can connect with a ready-made gang of local mums, and Places, your authority on baby-friendly venues in your area, rated and reviewed by real mums in your neighbourhood.

For more information on Mumday, Bunk Off Bedtime or Mush in general, contact Mush editor Isabel Mohan on [email protected] or 07805 218584.