Mums Social Hub: MUSH

Mums Social Hub: MUSH

Mush celebrates first birthday – with 120,000 mums

Mush, the number one social app for mums, is now a year old. Mush’s mission is to make the lives of mums more fun and less lonely by connecting with other local, like-minded mums with kids the same age – a mission The Duchess of Cambridge recently endorsed.

Speaking to Mush founders Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz at an event for mental health charity Heads Together, The Duchess said: “That’s fantastic. It is lonely at times and you do feel quite isolated but actually so many other mothers are going through exactly what you are going through. But it’s being brave enough, as you obviously were, to reach out”.

Mush was born when Katie and Sarah struck up conversation in a rainy London playground, both with two small children. After keeping each other sane and happy in the months that followed, they realised that all mums should have access to a free and fun way to make friends nearby in the same boat. The app was launched in May 2016.

Today Mush has been downloaded by more than 115,000 mums and has been credited for over 250,000 friendships. The users are spread around the UK and beyond, most notably with a huge, rapidly growing population in Australia. It’s been described in the national press as a must-have app, and is the top app for mums on the App Store.

One mum who Mush has been a lifeline for is Jessica, 33 who said: “Not knowing anyone in the area, the early days of maternity leave were lonely and I knew I had to do something about it. I was out walking three times a day and needed some adult conversation. You do meet a lot of mums at all the baby classes but it’s not the same – Mush is great as you’re all on there with the same objective, to make friends.”

As well as giving mums the chance to make real-life connections, Mush offers a ‘local chat’ hub where mums can find out what’s going on their area, ask for advice and arrange group meets. The app also features tons of funny parenting content (‘Mush Guides’) from top journalists who happen to be parents.

Much of Mush’s success has been through word of mouth, but we’ve recently recruited super fans of the app to form our ‘Mush Mums Marketing Massive’, spreading the word in specific areas of the country via local press, social media and good-old fashioned flyers and posters! This has been a huge success, with our user numbers increasing 30% during the first four weeks of running this programme. One Mush Mum, Faye, who took part said: “Thank you for the incredible opportunity to help market Mush in my local area, the project has given me a new lease of life a year after starting maternity leave.”

Mush Stats

How many mums are on Mush?

Over 115,000 mums have used Mush. The app has been used 2.6 million times, showing that mums keep coming back to make more connections and chat to their existing Mush friends.

Mush users are spread around the UK, with a huge chunk in London (where we launched), plus significant pockets of users internationally, including over 12,000 in Australia.

How many connections have there been thanks to Mush?

There have been 250,000 successful connections on Mush – meaning two mums have messaged and connected. The average active user has connected with five other mums.

Why is it called Mush?

Mush stands for Mums Social Hub. But it’s also what babies often eat, and what our brains can turn into after a day alone with our kids! It also happens to be old rhyming slang for ‘friend’.

What’s the story of Mush?

Mush was set up by two South London mums, Katie and Sarah, who met in a rainy playground and kept each other sane for the months that followed. They then found out that 80% of new mums admit to feeling lonely. Katie and Sarah had no tech experience, but decided that an app should exist for mums to meet, and sought to make it happen! They have had two successful funding rounds and have a mission that no mum does it alone, and that Mush can be the largest social network for Mums globally. Mush is currently being launched in the US.

Statistics we commissioned

We commissioned a study of 4000 mums for first set of more serious numbers and 1000 mums on salacious stuff!

4000 mums

50% of mums find it hard to plan with kids

80% of mums prefer to go to playgroup with a friend

22% mums only have one local mum friend (62% have 4 or less local mum friends)

50% go to the shops primarily for adult interaction

50% find it hard to make local mum friends

60% of mums go a full day without adult interaction

82% of mums think having mum friends makes you a happier, more positive mum

1000 mums

44% of mums say mum friends are extremely important

80% of mums say mum friends are extremely or quite important

17% of mums say they talk to mum friends more than partner about sex

41% of mums say they talk to mum friends more than partner about post-baby body

63% of mums do not look forward to sex post-baby

43% of mums say they talk to mum friends more than partner about realities of having a baby

75% say mum friends understand better than their partners the realities of having a baby

55% mums crave a night out

41% of mums fantasise about having a day off from being a mum

43% of mums feel under pressure to be the perfect mum

38% of mums wish they had a local gang of mum friends

Some of the press we have had

BBC Breakfast, ITV London, The Telegraph, The Evening Standard, Mail Online, The Sun , Sunday Times Style, The Guardian, Huff Post Parents, The Mirror, Money Saving Expert, Sunday Times Magazine, Telegraph Connect, Channel 4, Sky News, Channel 5, BBC 5 Live, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, Metro.