CARE Charity No. 291646

We are a group of ‘good neighbours’ working diligently to enhance the lives of those less able than themselves.

CARE was founded by Rev Vaughan Tong, former Minister of Haywards Heath Methodist Church. Now in its 32th year the charity remains a 100% voluntary organisation, with services provided at no cost to clients. Since its inception CARE has kept abreast of the times and administration is now fully computerised enabling our volunteers to give a better service to our clients.

From taking to the shops, picking up shopping, giving lifts to doctors or hospitals helping with odd jobs in the home or just calling in for a friendly chat, the volunteers from CARE provide a lifeline for a host of people in our local area.

Many local people are unaware of the work we do, so it may come as a surprise to learn that last year the 114 active volunteers carried out nearly 1,800 jobs and we have now passed our 75,000 total of completed assignments. We have currently 260 clients helped by 115 active volunteers. CARE is 100% dependant on volunteers and is always seeking new pairs of hands in all areas. When people retire from being active in CARE we have to find willing replacements for them just to maintain our current service level.

Upcoming events include a display in Haywards Heath Library and our Tree at the Cuckfield Christmas Tree Festival in early December.

We wish to invite you to join our team of volunteers and help us in this work. You need only offer an hour a week….. or a fortnight….. or more if you wish.

To find out more about CARE call 01444 455955 or visit