Mid Sussex Scouts CYCLE TO UGANDA

Mid Sussex Scouts CYCLE TO UGANDA

We are 29 Scouts from across West Sussex, joining up to travel to Uganda next august, 2017. We have 23 young people aged between 15 &21 and 6 leaders. Our main reason for this trip is to work on a community project for 10 days.

We will be working at a rural primary school in Mubende, Uganda. The school caters for 200+ children and at current does not have a suitable kitchen. 8 Poles and sheet iron on top, all open and no preparation surfaces, one cook spends all day cooking the children’s one meal of the day from this half built shack. The schools water bore hole is not suitable; it is not secure and is not deep enough and so dirty contaminated water comes through, which again is the only source of ‘fresh’ water for these children and the local village. We want to build a brick structured kitchen with clean preparation surfaces and a safe cooking area as well as re-digging the bore hole so it reaches clean water and secure it to make it safe.

In order to get out there and complete this project, we all need to raise £1700 each to cover our travel fees . The project work will cost £7500+, this also needs to be fundraised by the contingent. Everyone has started their own fundraising with a lot of events going on over the next few months. However, our 1st main contingent fundraiser for the project work is in September; CYCLE to UGANDA.

If you would like to support or sponsor us, we would be eternally grateful. For further information with regards to this trip or any of our fundraisers please contact us: [email protected] or www.midsussexdistrictscouts.com

Mid Sussex Scouts – Registered Charity No. 305841