Little Women by Barefoot Players on Sunday 20th September 2015 at 7pm

Little Women by Barefoot Players on Sunday 20th September 2015 at 7pm

Little women has been adapted specially for the Lindfield arts festival 2015 , it’s a heart warming tale that has remained popular in readers hearts for generations  and now its time to see the story come to life . Remaining true to the books Little Women and Good Wives , the Barefoot players production brings a sense of tradition and tenderness to the stage with touching and comical performances from the cast . It’s a rare opportunity to  see this story  performed on stage so that provides a must see reason to come and see it .

Show Date : Sunday 20th September 2015 at 7pm tickets: £10. Concessions £5

The Community Hall, Lindfield School Hall ,  Lindfield , West Sussex . 

Tickets are available to buy now in :  Swalk , High Street Lindfield , RH16 2HG 

Or to reserve online  and collect from Swalk:

Tickets will be available on the door and we would advise paying in cash for tickets in Swalk or on the door as well . 

Refreshments will be available at the production and we will be running a raffle to win a hamper  as well .

Below is a brief description of what the play entails .  

The Barefoot players presents Little Women , based on the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott . It is a  heart warming tale  that has lived in readers hearts for generations and follows  the four March sisters whilst growing up in Concorde , Massachusetts  during the civil war  and  just after. 

Whilst their father is away at war , Meg , Jo , Beth and Amy  are working hard alongside their mother to make ends meat alongside having  to deal with the daily struggles and hardships  of growing from young girls into little women in a war stricken environment . Meg the eldest is beautiful and  has accepted their poverty in all her grace but still craves for a few luxuries,  Jo is a budding author  who craves adventure but dislikes change , Beth is gentle shy and quite sickly and Amy the youngest is selfish and petty but grows into a sensible young lady and comes to accept the family’s state by the end of act one  . They befriend their neighbor Laurie who becomes like a brother to them and they show him that sometimes simplicity is best. A few problems hit the March family in act one , illness and injury but they carry on and  have a happy Christmas once again . 

As the seasons turn and years pass the girls grow up. Meg marries Laurie’s  former tutor Brooke, Beth is damaged by scarlet fever, and Jo spurns Laurie after he proposes. Marmee advises Jo to celebrate her independence and Jo moves to New York where she becomes a lurid melodramatic novelist under the pen name “Joseph.” In New York she meets Friedrich Bhaer a German philosophy professor. She feels an instant connection to him. Meanwhile Amy is in Europe studying art when she encounters Laurie who has become a playboy, but she ultimately changes him into a  caring gentleman once more and marries him  After a family tragedy and at the behest of her mentor the professor, Jo looks into her heart and writes what she truly believes in finding happiness and true success .