Burgess Hill Students put on a dazzling display of talent in largest ever showcase

Burgess Hill Students put on a dazzling display of talent in largest ever showcase

Ariel ADP Burgess Hill Showcase 2015 Ariel ADP Burgess Hill Showcase 2015 Ariel ADP Burgess Hill Showcase 2015The students of the Burgess Hill academy recently took to the stage at the Hawth to dance, sing and act to a packed auditorium.  The students aged 5 to 19 performed with all their heart and soul, receiving a standing ovation for this the Academy’s 12th annual showcase. 

Nearly 200 students, including some with moderate to severe learning difficulties tackled many themes and genres, making the evening very entertaining and taking the many parents and fans watching on a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Parent Paula Bowman said: 

Bravo! Another wonderful Ariel, Burgess Hill showcase. Magnificently talented, enthusiastic, passionate kids gave us thought provoking performances, making us laugh and cry. Thank you to all the wonderful tutors for your hard work in making it happen.’ 

This year the standard in dance was particularly high, with numbers that were uplifting and full of fun such as Cotton Eyed Joe, to dramatic and technically challenging dance numbers such as Black Roses. 

As always the Othellos numbers were full of imagination, humour and action.  With the help and support of the Ariel buddies they brought the songs of Starlight Express to life on stage, and then delivered a truly memorable and moving rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water. 

Mixed in with the many musical theatre and comic numbers were thought provoking pieces by the older students covering real-life issues such as homophobia and self-image, plus a very powerful piece about Oscar Schindler. 

As parent Nichola Deans said ‘Once again an amazing show, laughing one minute, crying the next…..truly an emotional roller coaster last night…..well done everyone’ 

A medley of well-known numbers from Ariel’s next musical production, Oliver! were met with rapturous applause, the cast will once again return to the stage when the production takes place at the Hawth from 22nd – 26th September. As 2015 celebrates Eurovision’s 60th Anniversary the opening and closing numbers both paid homage to this unique institution and conveyed that great Eurovision spirit. 

The programmes for the evening were sold in aid of the Angus Rowland Forget Me Not Fund and over £230 was raised for the charity which is close to many students hearts. 

Everyone from the youngest student to our tutors helped to make it a show to remember.   

For more information or for a free trail at Ariel’s Burgess Hill, Hayward’s Heath, East Grinstead, Crawley or Steyning Academy please visit  www.arielct.co.uk or call 01444 250407.

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